fao mummies who are goin to breastfeed...have u bought???

hi ladies well im hoping to breastfeed my new addition as i breastfed jack for a month so id like to give this baby the same start.........when i was feeding jack i had LOADS of milk i mean it was spurting out the other one as i was feeding (soz tmi) i just used breastpads to soak it up last time but this time my midwife has suggested these things that u put in your bra ,there the same shape as breast pads but there sort of plasticy material and they catch the milk from the other breast so u can just pour it into a bottle :\) so ive just been out to buy some cos i thought its worth a try and it saves me feeling like florence the cow with my electric expresser :roll: i have no idea what there called but there ??9.99 for 2 image gees louise i nearly fell over at the till !!.........so i think ill be doin alot of sterilising and using of the 2 cos im certainly not paying for more .........has anyone else got these or used them with previous children??

lisa DUE TODAY!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • i was looking at them in boots the other day! i thought they looked a good idea but haven't brought any yet as i'm gonna see how bf works out first!! (can't say i noticed the price though)xx
    carly 28 weeks!xx
  • I used them whem I breastfed my first - they can be good, but sometimes they leak, so you have to be wary of that. It's 8+ years ago, so there wasn't much choice in brands back then (not sure if that's changed or not) but I found that the Boots ones were more likely to leak, and the Avent ones were much more naturally shaped and more comfortable - but also more expensive.

    Hope that helps

  • i didnt use these with grace but they do seem a good idea.A little pricey though as your letdown usually settles down when your milk supply is established at about 3 mths so u dnt usually get the other boob leaking much then!If you plan on giving expressed milk from a bottle though im sure they'll come in handy!good luck hope all works out well for you xxx
  • thanks ladies ,it is the avent ones i got , well its worth a try if i have so much milk i guess and i assume that like a breast pump once finished with they can be washed sterilised and sold on ....xxx
  • I bought a pack of 2 Avent ones in Superdrug the other day but only as they were reduced in the sale down to 0.99p!!!!!!! I didnt even really know what they were for lol! But got them and looks like they may come in handy. Our local store had a few boxes in their reduced items section and literally only 3 days ago so pop in your local shop and get them cheap! xxxx
  • ahhh thanks guineapig i will pop along sometime today to see if i can pick a couple up xxxx
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