fao jen24

Heya hun - was wondering if youve had your 12 week scan yet???

kim xxxxxx


  • Hello (waves)

    How you doing? Not long now, how many weeks?

    Yes had my scan on tuesday, i was sooo ill, my bladder was too full had to empty it but i saw my baby still cant beleive it. Think im dreaming.

    Anyway hows the boys, looking forward to having a wee brother?

    Jen xx
  • Hey hun - what amazing news!!!!!! Its unreal when you see your lil one on screen for the 1st time isnt it...im so thrilled for you hunny - whens ur due date?

    Boys are good - C is 4 next wk, so am doing a party for 20 3-4yrs olds at 35wks pg..not my wisest move but i want him to have a last special day as the 'baby' so to speak! There vert excited about the baby and counting down the days....3wks to go...!!!

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