Free nappies!

Thanks to somebody else who posted the website on here a few days ago, I have today got 4 packs of huggies newborn for the bargain price of @ ??2.40 for all of them!
The link below is for a free pack of huggies from sainsbury's.
At the moment Sainsbury's have a third off all nappies and therefore, the voucher is worth ??3.75 (more than a pack of nappies) so you have to buy two for it to work - therfore, you simply pay the balance which is about ??1.23.
I got two and also got my Mum to register and get two herself.

Go get em!




  • my stepmum printed 1 off and got me a pack the other week n my mum said she was goin 2 also cuz she has a nectar card,didnt know bout that offer thats great,i'll tell her 2 get printing now so i can get 2 packs!!did u know u can use it on size 1 and 2?i got size 2 last time as i've already stocked up on few packs of size 1 with my weekly shopping!nice 2 b organised isnt it!!
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