i only went shopping! MY BIRTH STORY

hi girls

well its all over for me now (thank god).

it all started a week ago today. my mum was up from liverpool as it was her birthday last wed so we decided to go shopping in newcastle and stay overnight just the 2 of us and have a meal etc.

we got to newcastle wed morning spent the day shopping. went for lunch, mum swallowed a lime pip, ripped the lining of her throat and was throwing up blood and in agony. we sorted her out and went bck to the hotel. she still wanted to go out to dinner as we had booked a lovely italian reataurant.

got in the shower, done my hair, watched emmerdale then went in the bathroom to put my tights on when i ot water trickling down my leg! i shouted my mum and she sat me on the bed where it just kept gushing. this was 7.30pm. we rang around everyone we know to ask if it was my waters as i had No pain at all. I rang Middlesbrough general who suggested ringing newcastle hospital. Anyway we didnt go for the italian but just went to the restaurant in the hotel where i left a big damp patch on my seat imageops:

we went back to our room and i phoned Newcastle hsp who told me to come in. i rang hubby who is working in Leister and told him not to have a drink so he could drive home if needs be. got a taxi and newcastle confirmed that my waters had broken and middlesbrough want me in there by 6pm next day to be induced. Think i was still in denial!! :lol:

got up next morning, and i had made a hair appointment the previos day so of course i wasnt not gonna go!! go off i toddled to toni and guy!! :lol: the hairdresser asked if i was doing anything nice that night " just having a baby" i told her, it was the quickest cut and blow i have ever had! :lol: then i went shopping with mum to Boots to get toiletries etc and we got the train home.

Hubby came home and took us to middlesbrough at 6pm got admitted and they put the tablet up my floo at 7.30pm to start me off. hubby and mum were told to come back at 2.30am so they left and i cried :\(

i was moved to labour ward at 2.30. hubby and mum came back and i was put on drip to start contractions. drip was moved up a notch every half hour and they ware getting stronger. i has gas & air (fantastic!!!!) and found it easier standing up. tried the birthing ball and nearly threw it outthe window it was horrid, feels loke it is splitting you in two.

when drip was on 12 i was having to many contractions (7 in 10 mins) and not getting a break from them so doc was called and it was lowered to 2. contractions still big tho so they wanted me to get ready to push and i got on the bed.

i could hear a woman in the next room screaming and mu hubby and mum saying "isnt there a radio we can put on" (no time for dancing i thought! :lolimage

doc and 3 midwifes were in room as i had no energy to push i was knackered. and they were getting worried that baby would be distressed plus i was loosing a lot of blood, so out came the stirups (my worst nightmare) and she had to be suctioned out with me crying "im toooo tired".

she was born at 9.35am, 6lb2.

she was passed to dad, where she went blue and stopped breathing, honestly the scariest min of our lives. but she was given oxygen and all is fine. stayed in one night.

so there you have it. Grace rebecca is here and i love her!!!



  • Wow!! Congratulations Kell and hello little Grace Rebecca.

    I am now definatly not leaving my house until iv given birth. Well done for stayin so calm.

    Elaine 39 wks xx
  • Congratulations, what a fab birth story, Your poor hairdresser lol! I'm calling my baby Grace and my name is Rebecca so obviously I love the name choice image

    Rebecca x


    How many weeks were you..full term?
  • Oh wow, what an eventful few days for you. I'm glad it's all over for you as I know how scared you were of labour.

    Congratulations and welcome Grace Rebecca.... beautiful name by the way.

    Can we see some pics?


  • Welcome to the world Grace Rebecca! Well done mummy!

    (Right, just need to go and dry my eyes....)

    Denise xx
  • congrats to you honey and welcome Grace Rebecca
  • Congrats to you both, and welcome Grace Rebecca (your surname is Scott isn't it?) God don't think I could have gone to the hairdressers and shopping whilst in labour! Tammi xxx
    10 days to go!!!
  • thanks girls, she was just over 2 weeks early. it still says on my countdown i have 13 days left.

    yeh our surname is Scott.

    i hope your all doing well

  • Congratulations!! What an exciting birth story! Love the name
  • congrats hun, did you have your baby at james cook? how was the midwifes with you? i had my last baby there and ill be having this baby there, but when i had millie it was the worst experience ever x
  • Congrats, bet you were the best kept labouring woman in there with your toni and guy hair do!
  • Aww congratulations hun! I cant believe how calm you were, going off and having your hair done and wandering round boots! Still, as you weren't in any pain why not! Lovely name. sounds like a fairly good birth too!
  • Wow wat an adventurous birth story i want myn to be something exiciting like that, lol. Big Congrats on ur baby girl all the best for the future. Kerry xxx

  • Ohhhhh. I really cried when I read they send your hubby and mum away! I would have been hysterical! That is my worst fear.

    I'm so pleased all is ok for you tho. I want my baby now too!


  • congratulations hun, welcome to the world grace enjoy her Sophie, Ashleigh and Teigan xx
  • AHhhhh, that made me cry hun.... you love her

    Big Big Congratulations

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