Things just keep getting worse!

Hi ladies,
As some of you may know ive been put on strict rest as ive already started in labour once and had it stopped and keep getting contractions now and then, well went to MW today and everything seems ok measuring ok etc. Had to see my GP after though coz ive been having a really really bad back last couple of days and have a rash in my groin area it turns out ive now got shingles too and cant have treatment as the antibiotics could harm the baby so im in agony and trying to persivere with just paracetamol,
Has anyone else had shingles while pregnant?
Could anything else really go wrong lol?
Sophie 33+3 xx


  • Cheers hun i soo want to feel better im hoping its going to clear up real soon can be dangerous for baba if i still have it at 37weeks fingers crossed x
  • Thankyou the Gp got his book out and did say that it only recommended they prescribe the antibiotics if the benefits outweigh the negatives and so said he really wasnt comfortable prescribing them as they are strong and with me already going into labour before, Zoey im not sure what the risks are he just said i wasnt to worry as they were only dangerous to the baby before 12weeks or after 37 weeks i think the risks would be the same as if you were exposed to chicken pox while pregnant as this is the adult version of it that effects your nervous system i didnt really want to know why it would be bad for baba as i know i would worry more i was just happy that it wont cause any harm now i have to keep my eye on the rash and if it becomes worse i have to go straight back x
  • Hi hon, sorry not had this wither but just wanted to say hi and hope you are feeling better soon!
    Tammi xxx
    26+6 weeks
  • Thankyou Tammi hope everything is going ok with your preg.
    Zoey im not sure if ill last that long im hoping to get to at least 36 week then there is less a chance baba will need special care after that im not too bothered if baba comes as im getting fed up now anyway, You watch though knowing my luck just getting ill get passed all this and end up going 2 weeks over just to make me feel more rotton for longer lol How r u doing? xx
  • I'm a rennie spearmint person me the tums seem to make me worse and i throw up if i even smell gaviscon lol tmi, Those rennie duel action tabs are good if u find it getting too much the bigger you get the more you will suffer with it everything i eat just getting repeats on me lol x
  • Lol i know what you mean there isnt anything much worse than heartburn ive just googled shingles in pregnancy and it pretty much agree's with what the doc said today so im feeling less worried now have found out it can be caused by stress which does explain why i may have it lucky me im permanently stressed lol sooo need to chill out lol x
  • The rash is not alot at all its 3 bright red blisters along my groin and they absolutely kill me so sore its unbelievable its not just the spots that hurt tho because it attacks your nerves you get back back and joint pain id been putting it down to being pregnant but got worried coz it felt like someone had aknife in my back and between my shoulder blades its really not pleasant only had it once before just before i fell pregnant with Ashleigh and i got treatment but a week after i finished it i got a second infection from it and couldnt move at all couldnt even lift my legs it got that bad just hoping i dont get it that bad this time x
  • I spoke to her first i had my 34 wk check a bit early and told her i was going to the doc after coz i thought i had shingles again she said that it wasnt bad for baba till 37wks plus too and that he prob wouldnt prescribe anything as the antibiotics u need are very strong so wasnt suprised by what he said and i know the doc really well he is very good always seems to go out of his way to help so i trust him too wouldnt be suprised if he called me on monday he did last time always seems to go the extra mile which is nice x
  • OMG ive actually managed to get out of bed today, Im feeling soo sorry for myself i can hardly move with the back pain from these shingles couldnt even lift my legs yesterday its horrible OH has even had to have time off work because i cant even pick my little girl up its horrible i cant even cuddle herr without it being painful. Sorry about the rant just feeling really sorry for myself Sophie 33+5 xx

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