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Hubby's b day this friday

Just another pointless post but hubby is 29 tomorrow , I have just booked a table at a lovely Thai place right near where I work, I hope he likes it. It's nice as well and it's a nice start to the bank holiday you know,

What have you girls got planned for the bank holiday? I am not doing much have a BBQ at my mothers to go to on saturday and then a baby shower to go to on the sunday but thats it really.

K xx


  • lol image happy bday 2 ur hubby image
    aww thaiis lovely xx
    im not doin much gunna go to take my son to see his grandma on friday n then go round 4 tea on sunday x
  • I love bank holidays, hubby is working the next one all weekend so wont get to see him so will make this one count I think. Though in saying that we have a week away together on the 9th so thats times together.

    K xx

  • aww image
    r u goin any were nice wen u go away?
    i love bank holidays coz i still get paid 4 em lol even tho im on mat leave lol image bit extra cash 4 me lol!!
    bec 30+2
  • Not much at mo, me going food shopping tomorrow and hubby working his first set of night shifts hence why I am on here keeping quite. He will finish them Sunday morning and going back to work Wednesday morning, so thats outs Bank holiday then. Monday going to mum and dads for a bbq mums birthday, tuesday hoping going to the baby event as Asda's.

    Have a nice meal tomorrow night, happy birthday Mr K-Lou.


  • How funny - I am 29 tomorrow!! lol xx
  • How funny - I am 29 tomorrow!! lol xx
  • How funny - I am 29 tomorrow!! lol xx
  • this bankholiday weekend im hoping to have our baby WOHUUUUUUU! due on sunday!!!! really hope that baby comes on time, im so ready for him/her to be here now.

    hope your hubby has a lovely birthday
  • It is my son's 2nd birthday tomorrow! This time 2 years ago I was in labour. Don't know where the time has gone. We are going with grandparents to steam railway on sunday - can't wait. Make sure you enjoy every minute (even the sleepless nights, puke and pooey nappies) because they grow up so quickly.
    Enjoy the weekend!
  • i need to know if i can fly if i'm pregant in 20 weeks.tks
  • Ah lucky Mr K Lou, have a fab time!
    We have the car booked in fro service/mot (rubbish tin things that cost too much money!). Other than that some relaxing time me thinks!! xxx
  • Wow loads of b days tomorrosimage You special people, happy birthday to all and I hope you have a wonderful dayimage

    We are off to Griffon Forest for a week in York. Had lots of walks and stuff planed but my MW thinks I have SPD which has actually been hurting more this week so not sure how much walking I will be doing.

    I hope the weather is great for us all though, time off work is wonderful LOL I am not actually really starting to looking forward to my mat leave, which seems like years away.

    K XX

  • wow lots of us Happy bday to us all - have agreat weekend klou xx
  • wow lots of us Happy bday to us all - have agreat weekend klou xx
  • Thanks hun, such a pain, I love walking in the forest it;s the whole reason we booked this place as they have loads of walking paths and also York has tons to do but again it's walking around.

    Thanks Mrs Kittyboo
    K xx

  • Hey hon....maybe see if you can hire a wheelchair? Then hubs can push you round the forests (if it's not too bumpy). Happy Birthday to him for tomorrow!! x
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