Hospital Bag and Labour Bag

Just wondered if you have to have two seperate bags? Or am I being thick? Can I just put stuff in one bag?



  • I am just putting everything in one bag! But it depends on how big your bag is and what you need to take. The hospital I am going to provides all the clothes for baby so I only need nappies and a going home outfit. Tammi xxx
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  • I just have a bag for me & a bag for baby. Thats what it says on the birth checklist on here anyway. xxx

  • i am taking a small wheelie suitcase thing that fits mine and babies things in xx
  • ive managed to get everything into one bag ( just ) and ive done a spare bag which i will leave at home with spare baby clothes, nappies ect just in case i have to stay in longer or have a c- section, this saved a lot of space in my back, if i hadnt done this i would be taking 2 bags to hospital

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  • Thank you! I packed it all in one bag but we think we need a bigger bag as there are some things I haven't put in yet.

  • Im not sure what Im doing yet, planning on taking it in one bag, my sister started off with a little bag but ended up with a small suit-case so I might just start off with one of them;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • I'm taking a weekend sized bag for the baby and a wheelie suitcase for me. Got large towels, dressing gown and pillow also which take up a lot of space. No one cared how much I took last time so don't worry!

  • I'm taking in one big bag on wheels as I'm having a planned c-section . What i did last time was get oh to take new clothes and washing home everyday then its not round you if your in for a while (which i will be 3 days i think ) hopefully your be in and out . I think as long as the bags are kept under bed so people don't trip over them they don't mind how much stuff you take !
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