Why now?????

Hi girls, i am lying in bed feeling really sorry for myself!

I am currently on CD19 and due to OV CD21,22 or 23 therefore currently at my most fertile and i'm not well!!

We have BD on CD15,16,17,18 but now bloody typical the closer i get to OV i don't feel i have the energy for any more,

I was awake all night with pains in my stomach and back and its not getting any easier, i just feel like crap, why now, why not after i OV???

Anyway, sorry for going on, just feeling really really sorry for myself, lol.


  • sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it - you never know things might get better for you quick.
    Good luck

    suzi 29+5
  • sorry to hear you're feeling poorly, fingers crossed you feel better soon ready for some bd'g xx;\)
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