Sad story but sharing incase it could help someome


This is about my friends sister....

She already had 3 beautiful girls and she was pregnant again... She was absolutly estactic as she found out she was having a boy...

This happened when she was about 7 - 7 1/2 months pregnant...

One day she felt her baby move in words she could only describe as eratically but was different from any other movements she had felt (please note that bit as dont think people did before) she didnt know what to do but after a while the movements slowed up and she didnt think anything else about it.

The next day she went into labour.. the mw asked her to do a sample and when she stood up off the toilet she put her hands down to catch the baby, placenta and everything... unfortunaly the baby had already passed away.... no one could tell her why thie happened as the little boy was perfectly healthy in everyway,

After an agnosing five months she has finally found out the cause of her grief... the placenta had come away. The doctors advise her that this would have happened 3 - 5 days before he was born... she turned round and said no he couldnt have died before then as I felt him the day before... and in a tone of voice that I cant describe in typing, they said... oh...ohyeah yeah..... after she left she took everything in and then it had dawned on her that the strange movements that she had felt was actually her baby strugggling to breath inside her.....

PLease take note of the way I have described these movements, they are not everyday movements. But she wishes now that she ahd gone to be checked out. I wanted to sahre this story to make people aware that if their baby is moving differently and they feel something is wrong then do go and get checked, the medical staff will not think you are in anyway silly and if you are given the all clear at least you know things are fine.

This situation can also be rare, or have a happier outcome, please see thread 'RE tigerfeets sad story' by kerry she has posted a response to this which has a happier ending and she trusted her instinct and went and got checked over...

Thanks for reading this sad story and I hope that it may even help save a baby and/or mother

All the best x x x x

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  • God thats awful. My baby has days where she goes mad as if shes trying to get out and then quiet days. Pg is such a scary thing as we cant see whats going on inside and we have to trust our MW-unfortunately i dont have much faith in mine. It is a scary story and thank you for telling us, as you never know!
    Im hoping for induction today.
  • Not only was it sad that she went through what she did but losing a boy when its what she wanted as she already had 3 girls...

    I really feel for her as she had gone through such a bad year.... Her mum died suddenly in March then a few weeks later her nan was diagnosed with cancer and hasnt been given too much longer to live.. so she really hasnt had much luck with anything.. and when you see the wider picture it really is more devestating then just a lose of a bay... not that there can be anything worse but you know what I mean x x
  • Awwww no that is so sad, she must be going through hell now image
    Its difficult to recognise when baby should be moving as it gets near the end as there is less room for it to move about. Must of been aweful for her to feel him move so fast like that though image Didnt she have any warning signs of the placenta coming away? I suppose her maternity care wasnt as important as her first baby, im expecting my 3rd and i get the feeling that they go abit slack on care because you have already been there done it kind of thing and its wrong because every pregnancy is different.
  • no debs she didnt think anthing of it.. just thought he was being restless and trying to find more space... it was her 4th pregnancy and knowing what they are like here fro my third ( she doesnt live too far from me) then her antenatel care was probably pants!!!!
  • I know couple who were having their first baby. She felt similar movements on the Friday to what you described (she was week overdue). On Sat she went into labour and they were so excited and went off to hosp. When they got there and put on the monitor they could not find hb. Scanned her and baby had died. She had to deliver a perfect 7lb baby girl who never breathed!!! The cord was tight around her neck and each contraction had basically pulled and strangled her!. They are in peices as you can only imagine!!!!!!!

    Think i would rather be classed a neurotic mum and go to hosp with everything suspicious rather than leave it as you dont want to worry anyone!!!!!
    NB...these things are VERY VERY RARE!!!!!!!! So dont lose sleep over them!

    d xx
  • Oh how awful... thats just terrible and so sad.

    My baby has his quiet days and busy days and the mw just tells me thats normal.. I never imagined something like that could happen
  • please dont ponder on it too much. These things are very rare but like everything its best to know so you can watch out for danger signs BUT you must enjoy your pregnancy too and not worry about every little ache and pain etc.....
    It is like I said VERY VERY VERY RARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to lose baby like that.

  • I'm at a loss for words. This is my first pregnancy and not sure what I would do if I lost this one.

    I wish her all the best. And my heart goes out to her...
  • Oh god - all I can say is that my thoughts are with this woman and family - we can only hope that they get over this and that we all have happy and successful pregnancies.

    Take care everyone and good luck allison xxxx
  • DeeDee I think thats one of the wrose things about it as her baby was healthy and nothing wrong either...

    I agree these things are rare and kerry has started a thread with something similar with a happy ending. PLease do not worry about it too much... I know we all worry about every little niggle...

  • What a sad, sad story - certainly makes you think.
    My baby has mad movement days and then is quiet for a while, my mw is fab and just told me to go straight to maternity with any worries like that as better to be safe than sorry and no one will ever think you're being silly.
    My thoughts and prayers are with your friend
  • Oh that is awful. It's brought more than one tear to my eyes. My heart goes out to your friend, I can't even begin to imagine what she must be going through. Thank you for posting the story tho, has certainly make me think to always trust your gut instinct if something does'nt feel right. x x x
  • That is terrible for your friend my heart goes out to her.
    About 5 years ago my aunt who was 32 at the time had a completely normal pregnancy it was her first pregnancy and as you can imagine she was very excited. She was two days over due and felt this same quickening of movement for a few hours, her waters then burst and she just thought she was going into labour, so headed for the hospital but when she arrived she collapsed while getting out of the car. The doctors thought it was iron to start with but her body had started closing down. What had happened was the placenta had burst and sent poison around her body.

    It was too late to save her baby boy when the doctors realised what had happened, she went intoa coma herself and was in it for 3 weeks. Her husband had to arrange a funeralfor the baby with his wife in a coma. She eventallyh came out of coma but then the news had to be broken as to what had happened her little bundle of joy. She is unable to have any children as they had to remove her womb and her kidneys dont function for themselves any more.

    I am the first close relative to become pregnant since then so as you can imagine everyone is very worried about me i am only 22 weeks 3 days. I know this is very rare but it just makes you appreciate everything all the more.

    I know that everytime you feel a movement you get excited and we cant run to the hospital or midwife over everything but i agree with tigerfeet that it may save a life but letting everyone know these terrible storys.
  • Hi Gems I am soo sorry bout your aunt and my heart also goes out to you. I assume it hasnt been said whetehr it is inherited or not.. but still must be a nightmare... and thanks for sharing your story...

    There has been so many replies on here to which I am thankful for and will let her know how many people have been sending their love and I am glad that no one has moaned at me for sharing this sad news... I must admit I was a little worried at sharing it as didnt know how you would all take it... but glad it has been greatly received... I also again would like to thank kerry for opening another thread with a similar story but with a happy ending to show its not always bad and is best to get things checked.... thanks again and any storys are welcome x x x x
  • What really sad stories my heart goes out to these ladies.
    I often go on the Bliss message boards because my babies are always preemies.
    The mums on there are so supportive and caring. They would welcome these mums ( for they are mums despite their loss) with open arms. Many of them have babies who are now angels and know what these parents are going through. They are a shoulder to cry on and never tire of giving support. They often remember the birthdays of angel babies ( often an emotional time) and will help the parents to remember their babies in a positive way.
    Many mums have babies who are very prem and are supported through the highs and lows. Some mums are pregnant with babies who will need operations or will have special needs. For them, they will always have someone who is willing to listen and take an interest in their pregnancy and birth. I have met some wonderful people and would really encourage the mums that you mention to give Bliss mums a go.
    maria x
  • hi i had to reply to this because its so upsetting i can totally understand how you feel as a freind to this lady as my best freind lost her baby very similar.
    she was a day overdue and had to go through ivf to get preg in the first place. we were preg together and my son was born a month before this happened. she too felt weird movements and extra strong braxton hicks i think and the next day had normal antinatal app were the mw couldnt find heartbeat so sent up hosp where they had scan and baby had died. she went into labour the next day and gave birth to a little boy and the cord wrapped round his neck. She was and still is devastated (5months ago) i was totally heartbroken as i love her so much and they are the nicest couple you would ever meet. hopefully they going to get preg again soon xxxx
  • Hi there I've never posted on here before but had to when I read this terrible story, my daughter is 6 months old now, when I was pregnant if she didn't move as usual I would eat some chocolate or drink really freezing cold water, these things were guaranteed to get her moving so I knew she was fine. You will find out yourselves what makes your baby active and if those normal movements stop, get yourselves checked out. I did go in to hospital once when I hadn't felt her move for a few hours, when I was put on the monitor she decided to do a dance for the nurses. I felt a bit silly but its better to be safe. You know what is normal for you and your baby, so listen to your body. Good luck everyone with your pregnancies and births. xx
  • Oh my god...that is so, so sad. I really feel for your friends sister and hope she finds a way to deal with the grief cos it must be so awful.

    My oh's mum had the same problem with the placenta coming away. This was 22 years ago, she was 29 weeks and passed out on christmas eve. She was in a coma for 5 days afterwards and doesn't remember anything. Vicky was delivered by c-section (she's 22 now) and amazingly she was still alive and thriving even though the birth nearly killed her and her mum, the doctors suspected the placenta had come away and wasn't feeding her. Doctors told her not to have any more children and 5 months later she was expecting my oh, she had to have weekly scans with him to check it was all okay! (he ended up being 2 weeks late) I have heard all the birth stories since I told her I was pg lol.

    So that is my positive contribution to this story.

    I hope ur friends sis conceives a healthy boy someday and everything goes well.

    I am only 15 weeks and haven't felt any movements but I will check it out when I do if it is strange.
  • its says sad story so ppl knew it was going to be sad. i think it took alot of guts to put something like that on knowing how ppl may react, she was only trying to help. and i think if she though ppl would react bad she wouldnt of done it, x
  • HI,

    I am sorry that this topic has casued such a stir and I will ask admin to remove it.

    I didnt want to cause harm but it just thought peeps should know of a story that could help save ababy if the movement are different to what they normally are... I know babies move well this is my third, but the movement was different to normal but she just dismissed it to something different to other pregnancies....

    I assume that all of you that have slated this dont read anything regarding pregnancy as things do happen and I feel that the good side shouldnt always be the be all and end all.... if you know what I mean... I did put sad story so anyone with half a brain would have realised there wasnt a happy ending to it!!

    I also thin that its a bit wired that I posted this thread a few days ago and an apposing thread wasnt started last time I look early evening yesterday... I also added i my post about another thread that was started by kerry who also had a similar experiance and trusted ehr instinct and went to get checked and after a while she was fine.... so it doesnt always have a sad ending but a placenta coming away is a common condition and is life threatening if not detected...

    I will email admin now and am truly sorry for the upset of some users! and for being a caring person x
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