Old Wives Tales???

Thought this would be a fun topic- what old wives tales have you heard? Here are some of the ones i have found:

Cold feet means its a boy
Faster hair growth on legs means its a boy
Orange juice craving means its a girl
sweets mean its a girl
Cheese means its a boy
spots means its a girl ( girls steals mums looks)

any any one can add?? :lol:


  • heartburn-hairy baby
    hairy belly-girl
  • eew lovely- hairy belly!!! isnt pregnancy so glamerous! Bet the celebs dont have these problems x
  • I bet they do, they just have more help covering it up!!
    I've not got any to add but so far am craving orange juice, sweets and am so spotty it's untrue.
    Hmmm, lets hope these old wives tales are true, hubby would love a little girl!
  • i had awful skin with my girls! theres one about a high bump and a low bump being a certain sex or carrying front or all round cnt remember which is which tho! i dnt believe that 1 cuz i carried different in both my pregnancies and had girls both times! xx
  • I think if your carrying low its a boy , not sure of the reasoning behind it though x
  • Not pleasant at all but:

    Trapped wind - boy
    Excess wind - girl

    I have both during the day so maybe it's twins!!!
  • I would have thought that would have been the other way round as men ( certainly my DH) is full of wind escaping from that end LOL
  • That's what I thought. The lady who told me this said it's trapped wind for us because it's all being stored up for the boy to 'expel' lol
  • well I crave oj like mad now, couldn't stand it before, have heartburn and bad skin (not admitting to the wind thing, lol) and I'm having a girl!!
    Ames x
  • AMES guess there may bne some truth to it then. Thing is though i did the full questionairre online with a friend and it gave me 55% likely ot have boy 45% likely to have girl!!! I mean really what help is that LOL x
  • lol i seem to have all the bad symptoms
    hairy belly
    trapped wind
    seriously spotty skin
    bad indigestion
    craving all things sweet ( put on two and a half stone already)
    i'm sure there is more but i'm blocking it out!!lol
    And i'm having a boy!! lol
    carly 32 weeks!xx
  • rip some sheets and run hot water!!!
    Apparantly that helps with the labour! LOL my gran told me this, bless. If only it was that easy xx
  • Carlyfee - i feel for you. I am amazed by this hairy belly thing LOL sure i will be developing my own soon x
  • I have excess wind both ends so hopefully it may be a girl.


  • I have a hairy belly, and I asked my mum why, she didnt know =( hopefully its because Im carrying a girl.
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