Any1 had any cravings?

First it was walkers chicken crisps, now its apples! Iv just eaten 4!! - 1 after the other!!
Any1 else having cravings?


  • Vinegar with curry sauce. I just can't get enough.
  • wow! on its own or on ur food?

  • lol!!
    zoey - im def. with u on the rennie chews!!

  • The weirdest I ever had was meat seeing as I had been a vegetarian since the age of 8 lol.

    At the moment, i'm on ice lollies,

    breadsticks with tzaziki,

    and pickled onion monster munch are the most awesome thing invented!! image:lol:image
  • With my first pregnancy i craved giraffes! Obv not to eat, I just had to buy everything with a giraffe on it, I cant explain the compulsion. My poor boys room is covered in giraffe things they are gonna grow up hating them lol xxDBxx

  • mine have been changing every month lol,

    its been picked onions, pickled onion monster munch, tomatoes (i hate the things) peanut butter, potatoes, apples, milk, eggs. oh its the worst feeling ever to need something so badly! i didnt have any cravings with either of the boys how strange!

  • I woke up this morning REALLY wantting a strawberry slush puppy - haven't thought where i could find one tho? x
  • I have a constant craving for a good nights sleep!!
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