Early Scan- Is It For Everyone?

Morning Ladies,

I keep reading on here about people going for early scans- is this something that everyone goes for or is it just if you have had a mc before?

Sorry if I sound really daft but I just kinda assumed that you had a scan at 12/ 16 weeks etc etc



  • Hello, I think most NHS areas offer a reassurance scan if you have mc before.

    This is my first pregnancy and my scan is a valentines day present for my OH and because I have no patience what-so-ever, so have paid for an early one with babybond tonight image
  • Thanks LadyK
    Do you mind me asking how much you paid?
  • ??95

    www.babybond.co.uk, lots of girls have used them, the site is worth a look cute pics of 4d scans x
  • Hiya, alot of the ladies on here have had them due to experiencing bleeds. I had early scans because I have a history of ectopic pregnancy and they will need to do the same with any future pregnancies (assuming I have more!) as I am more at risk of another one. Basically they don't want me to lose my other fallopian tube!

    I believe with MCs alot of places won't scan you early (and do other tests) unless you have had 3

    14+6 x
  • I had an early scan at 6+5 due to bleeding but otherwise wouldn't have been offered one at all on the NHS until 20 weeks.

    We then paid privately for one when I was almost 12 weeks.

    Bec 26+5 x
  • I had early scans due to bleeding if you are not having any problems the normal dating scan is at around 12 weeks.

    Sazzle xx

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  • I have had 2 previous mc's but nhs still wouldn't give me early scan. Plus my hcg levels were sky high at 5+3 but they STILL wouldn't give me early scan!

    We had a private one and also ended up having one at epu last week due to pains.
    We are having another private one on Monday when I will be 10+3. Overkill maybe but I had mmc last time and don't want to wait weeks hoping everything is ok if it's not.
    Our first scan was ??100, second will be ??75.
  • i didnt have an early scan even though i could of had one but tbh i wish i had of done. 12 weeks is a long time to wait and i wish id of had one to put my mind at ease and help make the pregnancy seem more real. im regretting it now mostly because im 14+1 and havnt had my 12 week scan yet because they were so fully booked..finally got it next week but its been horrible having to wait for so long. anyway do what makes you happy hun.


    14+1 xxx
  • some areas only offer a 20 week scan which i think it awful cuz of mmc's!! i had one at 12, 20, 28 and 35 - later ones due to a fibroid...u may have to pay for an early scan if u really want one x
  • I live in Norway and they give you a scan at 17-20 weeks and at around 37 weeks, but you don't get a 12 week scan unless they are concerned. They normally pick up the heart beat by 12 weeks though so you can be reassured everything is ok.

    It is a personal choice as to whether to have an early scan or not, the first 12 weeks can be a long wait but even if you have a scan at 7 or 8 weeks it is no guarantee everything will be ok at the 12 week scan. Good luck hun xx
  • okay, so I've woken up today and have blood when I wipe. I have a docs appt for this afternoon but does anyone think it's worth booking a scan anyway or do you think that's too much and not worth it if I'm bleeding?
    Please help, I am panicing so so much xxx
  • Oh Bert, I'm sorry to hear that. But please try to stay calm - bleeding doesn't always mean you are miscarrying. I would just keep your docs appointment today and see what they say. The doc might refer you for a scan on the NHS because of the bleeding, to check everything is ok.

    Good luck hun, I really hope it turns out all right.

  • Thanks Astraad,
    I am shaking like a leaf cos I'm so worried and I can't get hold of my husband! God, I hope everything is okay xxx
  • I had an early scan at 3wks because I was getting alot of very severe stomach cramps, no bleeding, just the pain, I had another scan at 6wks, and then finally saw the baby at my 12wk scan.
  • I've had scans at 6, 9, 12, 16, 19, 21, 24, 29 and 31 weeks. I'm having one tomorrow at 33 weeks and have been told I need to have one a week from now on.

    The nhs will provide them if you are having a high risk pregnancy and there is cause for concern. If there is viable concern from the start of your pregnancy and your baby does die, they need to show they monitered appropriately throughout your pregnancy or they are liable for any negative outcome. scans carry a risk to your baby so its not great. Also early scans are not done over the belly but internally with a large phallic wand. They are intrusive and unpleasant and as embaressing to the sonographer as they are to the recipient unless you enjoy being shafted by a stranger whilst whilst two doctors and a nurse watch.
  • i had early scan at 8 weeks on the nhs and then one at 12 weeks but this is because im high risk.My next scan is at 16 weeks with my consultant.I think u get early scans if there is course for concern or some women choose to pay for a private one for peace of mind xx
  • Alabaster- Do you mind me asking... why so many scans?
    I'm still bleeding and it's almost a constant thing now (every morning I have fresh blood then brown for the rest of the day) My doc has sent me for blood tests but isn't fussed at all so we're going for a private scan tonight.....
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