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I've been constipated since I found out I was pg again a fortnight ago - I can go, but not very often, and when I do it's huge and like a brick (sorry - tooooooo much info! :lol: ) Seem to remember I had this for the first few months when pg with Lily.

Anyway, I still have half a bottle of Lactulose left over from when I was constipated directly after Lily's birth nearly 8 months ago :roll: Does anyone know if it's ok to take this while pregnant? I can always ask my pharmacist but thought one of you could tell me so I don't have to go out in this bloody horrible rain image


  • Oh god it's awful isn't it? Luckily mine stopped around 16 weeks and haven't suffered since (touch wood)
    I was told to take lactulose too so it should be safe in pregnancy.
    Check the expiry date though, most medicines need binning a few weeks after opening.

    Hope you feel better soon

    33 weeks today
  • Oh yes thanks Lulu, hadn't thought about expiry date. Wonder if it matters given it's pretty much just syrup?

    Fingers crossed your constipation doesn't return after your LO's birth, Lulu (there's no reason for it to, it's just that I was on iron tablets afterwards, and constipation + stitches = OW :lol: )
  • hi hun, lactolose is fine in pregnancy but dont take more than it says [5mls?] etc and def dont take senna etc as it can cause mc. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Oh i ment to ask, when are you due? xxx

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  • Lactulose is fine whilst pg. I used it for a short while when first pg. xx

  • Hey Diane, thank you :\)

    I'm due on March 25th, which makes me 6 weeks today image But I got a bit obsessed with counting down days last time round, so am trying not to think about it too much....
  • Hi mithical, sorry, wasn't ignoring you, think we posted at the same time! Thanks for the confirmation.
  • OMG we are due the same day!!!! LOL howa re you feeling? have you been sick? im not sick this time at all and feel fab except for being very tired!
    I cant believer your pregnant again, im so delighted for you as i know how long you waited for Lily! xxxxxxxxx
  • I was consitipated a few weeks ago, and I bought Raisin Wheats (like little shreaded wheats with a raisin in the middle) for breakfast and had a bowl every day and everything is back to normal now!!!!

    Try and get as much fibre as possible.

  • Thanks for all the tips girls! I confess I'm not very good at remembering to eat fruit, although I do drink a lot of OJ, have cereal for breakfast and eat plenty of veg.

    Paula - the Lactulose seemed to do the trick for a while after my last pg, but then I just started getting the runs - probably because I took to swigging it from the bottle instead of measuring it out properly :lol:

    Diane - hello bump buddy! Think you must be confusing me with someone else as it didn't take long to conceive Lily, luckily. This time ours is a Surprise Bean (we thought we'd avoided the fertile window but obv not :roll: ) Seems all the money I spent on ov tests back in the day was wasted!
  • Hi PTB! you were in ttc when i first went in adn i though by the number of posts then that you were there for a while! LOL
    How is Lily? what age is she now? how are you feeling etc? any sickness? xxx
  • Ah I see, no I just hung around there feeling broody ever since coming off the pill, but we didn't actually ttc until 5 months later :\)

    I'm feeling really well thanks, just totally myself apart from the constipation. Wouldn't know I was pg apart from all the tests in my top drawer! I had two days of nausea if I got hungry right at the beginning, but that's gone now. My pg with Lily was the same, symptomless practically, so am hoping I'll be as lucky again this time.

    Lily is almost 8 months now and getting more and more fun :\) What will the gap between your two be?
  • Ellie is 21 months now so she will be 2 1/2 when the next baby arrives, im so excited and like yourself im almost symptomless! i am very tired but that is about it! one day of sickness and that was it too! im so glad as i was so sick with Ellie that every time i vominted my cervix was dilating and they had to put a stitch in! thank goodness i dont need that this time! great to have a bump buddy, i havnt seen you over in the march '10 forum, why dont you pop over? xxx
  • I'm too scared in case the worst happens! I know there's no reason to think it will but I just don't want to get too used to the idea only for everything to be taken away. I'll be over there after the first scan, if you'll have me :\)

    Glad you've escaped sickness this time, that sounds terrible.
  • PS First dose of Lacutolose taken at dinnertime tonight, never fear, will let you know if it has any effect presently :lol:
  • I've just started on activia and it's def helping but not perfect yet (only had yogs fir 5 days )
  • Not to be please about your discomfort but I'm sooo glad the are other people suffering with this I think Im going to go mad! I posted a thread under "no more iron" a couple of days ago and am still really uncomfortable. I couldn't get an appointment today so won't be able to get lactolose until after the weekend. I have been eating apricots, fruit and fibre, drinking lots of water, prune juice, OJ and hot water with lemon, I've had fibre gel and milk of magnesia. I went to the loo earlier today for the first time in 3 days and felt so much better and was over the moon! Then I ate lunch at 2pm and have been really uncomfortable ever since. I look like I'm about 6 months pg and I'm only 11 weeks. My friends are like oh look you've got a bump and I'm like no its just air - so embarrassing! Do you think I'm taking too much fibre trying to fix this? I'd be happy to put up until next week when I can get to the docs but I'm really worried about what this is doing to the baby. If nothings coming out then are all the toxins etc just staying in my system? This is my first baby so I'm pretty clueless any advice is gratefully received! xxx
  • I have no idea about the constipation, I haven't had it fortunately but I didn't know you were pregnant again! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  • LOL I also have no help with the constipation, but I also missed the fact you were expecting again! Huge congratulations hun.
  • ooh congrats on your pregnanncie i didnt know you were xxx as for the constipation, i suffered terribly when i was preg with Lacey , lactalose is fine when preg, but try to get loads of fibre in your diet and loads of juice dont make the same mistake i made and let it get soooo bad i had to go to the dr;s in agony for suppositries!!

    have a fab and healthy preg xx
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