What is this pain?

Was just wondering if anyone else had experienced anything like this, it's quite difficult to explain but I'll try. I've had it on & off since the back end of last week. It feels like a pulling/tearing sensation, it's only in one part of my tummy (quite high up). I'm not massively worried about it, as it feels like it's within my skin or muscles rather than right inside my tummy. I'm 27+1.
I've got an appointment with midwife on Thurs, so will ask her about it then, but thought some of you ladies might know.


  • What you're describing sounds really famililar - I had this on and off last week quite a few times. I think it is just ligaments stretching and mine's gone completely now but I've got an appt next week so was planning to ask then. will let you know what she says.
  • Thanks for the reply. Glad it's not just me experiencing this! I'll let you know what my midwife says too, then we can see if what they say is wildly different!
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