baby postion...

hiya im 19w + and think my lil man may b breech but not 100% till scan in couple ov weeks. i keep gettin kicks really low dwn so was j.w if any ov u have a breech baby and cud tell me how it feels wen the lil monkeys kick? xx


  • Hiya, just to let you know baby can freely do somersaults in there for a good few weeks and so probably goes from head down to breech about 10 times a day. They don't pay any attention to baby's position till 30 ish weeks and baby can generally still turn from breech until about 36weeks so it really doesn't matter right now!
    Hope that helps!!!
    19+2 with baby number 2 xxx
  • hiya yeh thanx 4 reply... yeh no thy can move rnd loads just wen i was pg wiv my 1st she neva kicked me dwn there... so was thinkin the lil man my b in breech postion atm... xxx
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