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Faint line on 4 tests but digital clear blue says not pregnant


hi, I have done 4 pregnancy test 4 have really faint positive lines, I done a clear blue digital yesterday evening and it said not pregnant 

I am 5 days late for my period. (usually regular)

Just want any advise on what you guys think! Xx



  • I'd wait and see if your lines get darker on them tests so try again in a few days then if it's darker then try a clear blue digital 

  • Hey parksrose!

    I had exactly the same problem! I don't thi k the clearblue digital is very sensitive! I left it a few days and tried again and got my BFP!

    Hang in there! It certainly looks like your pregnant!

  • Oh did you! Ok thanks for lettin. Me know.. I am a week late tomorrow so will try a test again see if it gets any darker! I didn't know if my eyes was deceiving me and if I was making up a line 😂 


  • My tests looked very similar! But definately give it another couple of days!


  • Thanks so much. Very helpful x

  • Hi, I’ve had the same problem.. when did you re do the test? 

  • imageimage so I had my implant taken out over 4weeks ago iv had no sign of having my period and have been sleeping unprotected few weeks ago I taken a clearblue and was sure to see 2lines few days after I taken a another  home test and come back negative this moring I decided to take another Clearblue home test and their seems to have two lines again I'm very confused has anyone else being the same situation or could help thanksxx

  • Parkrose what was the outcome? Looks positive to me x

  • imageCan anyone tell me their views on this? Two the same?? 

  • Looks like faint positive I haven't used those ones before 

  • Mine is the same just wondering what the outcome was?

  • i need help so bad like ive taken 6 tests...

    2- strip test both negative

    2- cheap stick tests negative

    1- digital clear blue not pregnant

    1 - normal clear blue test thats come out with a very faint line...and i mean very faint line i didnt notice it at first 

    ive read this and it says its not possible/unlikey to get a false postive however could i have one? because i the rest have come back negative ive paid deposit for a tattoo and my nurse appointment is a few days after...i really dont want loose my deposit if im not pregnant please help... 

  • Hi! I was pregnant 

    unfortunately I couldn’t carry 

    even if it’s a faint line it shows positive cells in the urine, could you send a pic.. 


  • Hi, it looks positive to me just really early I’m guessing!! 

    I can see a real faint line.

    I hope the out come is what you want x 

  • i would love to start telling people i am pregnant but with most of my tests saying negative i honestly dont know what do with freaking out if im honest it would be my first and im actually moving next week,with it being bank holiday i cant get into a gp and i am really freaking out☹️☹️☹️ im so impaitent ive taken another test with my very first pee and its still coming out negative 

  • I would be really shocked if you wasn’t pregnant... I can see clearly a line 

    but it’s really early that’s why it’s not coming out dark,  

    maybe speak To friends that have had a baby because I’m sure they have had similar tests!! I know mine was the same. 

    ( I would go get 5 and try  2 of Them tomorrow morning) as your wee is stronger. 

    Then 2 the next day and one at night. 

    let me  know your out come x 

  • And just don’t panic!! Was you planning to have a baby or is it a shock? 

    the doctors will Only make you do a test anyway, are you having any early symptoms .. sickness.. x

  • Hi guys I’m new to this page but didn’t know where else to post! I had a few positives last week but the doctors test came back negative what do you guys think? imageimage

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