HELP Severe Itchy Hands and Feet

Hi was wondering if you could help me. Am 33wks pregnant with my 3rd child and about a week ago my hands and feet started itching loads especially at night, its actually got to the point whereby im up from 2am and cannot sleep!!! I had Obstetric Cholestasis with my last daughter (born 31-01-08) but didnt get it until i was 36wks and was induced at 37wks. They have been giving me regularly AST tests which seem to be coming out normal, although they are creeping up, up until last wednesday they were always about 14 whereas wednesdays were 27 and had some more taken this monday and they had risen to 34 but the midwifes still say they cant do anything as they are still normal and kindof make me feel that i am making the itching up when its getting worse by the day! Still waiting for my Bile acids to come back from monday's blood test although they were only 9.6 last wednesday so still normal. Has anyone had this before???? Its weird as last time i had it my AST levels were 43 and just went up and my bile acids where over 40 and that was going straight away when the itching started, just find it weird that ive got all the syptoms but they are still normal although they do seem to be going up each time i have a blood test but the midwifes dont seem to be bothered about that! Im just getting really down about the whole thing as hardly sleeping and know there is a very high chance of getting it again if you have had it before. Havent got another blood test until next thursday (19th) which seems ages away :\?:\? Have heard horror stories about people losing babies because their condition wasnt picked up which makes me more anxious, especially because i lost twins back in 2002 because they were born prematurely and their lungs werent developed enough!


  • Hi babe,
    Please just ring your MW perhaps they'll bring the bloodtest forward

  • Tried that they are absolute rubbish! You would have thought they would be over cautious because i have had it before less than a year ago. Have just rang my doctors and made an appointment for this afternoon and see if she can help me.
  • Thats the best idea babe,
    Im sure they wont risk turning you away without giving you a bloodtest.
    Let us know how you get on xxx
  • Well went to the doctors yesterday evening and they were quite unhelpful really, spoke to midwife today and still waiting for my bile acid results to come back which may be with us until next week, its a joke. My hands and feet are still itching like mad. Has anyone else had this before?
  • Aw babe,
    Im afraid I have not experinced this at all.
    I hope it gets sorted in the end for you.
    Just try to relax
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