Another overweight question!!

Hiya ladies, just a quick question, was wondering when you all started to notice a bump? Im a size 20/22 and have what i call my "Spare tyre!" lol And because of the obvious fat on my belly was wondering if i would ever get a bump? Be able to notice im pregnant? xx


  • You will get a bump but with being overweight it just takes longer to show. I got my bump when i was roughly 22 weeks pregnant and was a size 20/22.
  • Hi,
    I'm not skinny but I'm not big either (14-16), and my bump with my first pregnancy was very noticable at 12weeks, and has just started to become noticable this time round. However my sister-in-law is a size 6 and didn't start showing until she was aound 28weeks. People were beginning to doubt whether she was preg or not. I think wat im trying to say is that people get their bumps at different stages and I dnt suppose it really matters aslong as baby is okay. Or maybe im just chatting rubbish and you should ignore me ha ha ha. Kerry xxx

  • im easy a size 18 and there is a girl in my office thats a size 8 (bitch) lol and she is 4days later in pregnancy than me, now we are only 4months pregnant but i have really noticed my belly getting big but her well shes still wearing the same clothes and looking amazing!
    whereas i have bought maternity clothes just to feel comfy so i would say i am showing cos my belly is bigger but we are all different so try not to worry too much!
  • Hi im a 22 24 and probably started showing about 20 weeks, my bellybutton has even popped out (which was like a blackhole lol) Dont worry and enjoy your pregnancy

    Sara 33 weeks
  • Thank you for all your replys! Im just worrying about EVERYTHING! Cant help it! xx

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