Hello ladies ive been away for a while - moving house, dodgy computer. Im finally all settled and got my computer back and cant wait to get back to chatting to you lovely ladies - iv missed ya!!

im nearly 39 weeks gone now last time i was on here i think i was only about 33 weeks!!

So how is every1. image

Elaine xx
38 + 6 - wow cant believe its gone so quick


  • Hi Elaine, Gosh u will be having ur baby soon (im so jealous) glad ur all settled in your new house in time for babys arrival. Hope u and baby are okay and it looks like u wnt be with us long before ull be moving onto the baby forum. Kerry xxx

  • hey zoey.

    Im sooo glad pg nearly over im finding it hard to keep up with my boys esp as i have a bit of SPD - its worse now that the babys engaged but luckly its stayed mild compared to how some people get it!

    last time i was on i remember Ruby was being impatient and wanted to come out early!! glad to see she stayed put!!

    how have u been?
  • wow kerry u look huge in ur pic!!

    not too long for u either. how r u feeling?
  • That picture is about 3-4wks old as well, its hard to believe that im actually BIGGER i didnt think it wud be possible, lol. No not long however baby can just stay put for the time been coz we are in the middle of having a new kitchen and bathroom fitted and its driving me mad having the house upside down and nothing is prepared.

    Are u all prepared for babies arrival? Kerry xxx

  • lol - i know the feeling!!

    moving house wen ur pg is NOT an easy thing to do.
    still u'll have a lovely new kitchen and bathroom soon.
    Have u packed ur hosp bag yet?
  • No not yet, iv not even got all the stuff i need for it i keep thinking "oh ill have loads of time", dnt think its actually hit me that baby is due in four weeks time and if i end up having a section (see consultant on mon) then it will be here sooner. I hope uv got urs packed tho, otherwise that wud be very unorganised, lol. Kerry xxx

  • lol
    how comes ur considering a section if u dont mind me asking.

    i only finished my bag on sat - oops
    at least its done now!!
    im still doing my pre natal clothes wash.

    Im due on 11th but think im gonna try and induce myself if babys not here a the end of the week.

    Do u know if ur having a girl or boy?
  • Hi hon - welcome back - that's well timed just before (hopefully) your lo appears!

    Think there's a few of us on here that have either moved or have had major building works (me included) just before our due dates - nesting to the extreme!

    Hope you're sorted now and can sit back and relax now!

    This time tomorrow.....
  • No we dnt know the sex, im been considered for a section coz my little boy was an emergency section after 12hrs of labour and lots of pushing. His head never engaged properly and then he got distressed. They are now thinking that i might have an odd shaped pelvis so this baby might find it hard to engage as well (as its just bobbing around very free at the moment).

    Have lots of fun with the nipple stimulation, sex, curries and pineapples, lol. Do you know the sex of ur baby? Kerry xxx

  • Hi Elaine, how are you and the boys? Missed you on here over the last few weeks. So did the move go ok? Tammi xxx
    11 days to go!!!
  • hi karen and tammi.
    move went ok thanx so yeh im sittin bk and relaxing. not long to go for us now tammi!! - karen ur due today arnt u? have u got a date for induction if u go over?

    elaine xx 39 wks
  • Hi Elaine! Glad it all went well for you and you are now relaxing - have to enjoy these last few days! Karen went in this morning for a c-section so should be hearing soon what she has had, she is gonna text me the news when she is back on the ward so keep an eye out for a post annoucing it later!!!! I am so excited for her - hopefully it will be me & you next! Tammi xxx
    10 days to go!!!
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