Measuring 4 weeks ahead

Hi Everyone I went for my 28 week check up today and have been told i'm measuring 4 weeks ahead Anyone else been told this?

There not worried which is good they have just warned me he is going to be a big baby. I no my bump is huge and I am waddling alot now but i kept telling myself I had alot of water now I guess thats not the case. He is head down now and it was amazing hearing his heart it sounded like a train chugging along. He is so active and never stops kicking and moving around. I had my first baby at 30 weeks and I'm 28 weeks now keep yours fingers crossed for me he wil stay put a bit longer x

Hope your all well x


  • Hey hun i was always measuring big and ended up having a 5lb 10oz baby at 36wks so all that worry was for nothing. Even if id gone full term she wouldnt have been as big as i expected. They dont always get it right.

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