Anyone else with Gestational Diabetes?


just been diagnosed & on day 2 of my new diet, sticking to it ridgidley (sp? except for unavoidable tiny bowl of cornflakes this am) but my levels are still higher than they should be, though not majorly so.

Are you managing to keep your levels within normal range if so how!!? How high does it have to get before they put you on insulin? friend here at work, her sister had it & her levels never got about 7 but she was told if she ever hit 10 even once she'd be on insulin - mine was 10.8 this morning :\?

Excercise is out for me as ive also got PGP cant walk more than a 100yrds & im in pain!

What i was told yesterday about effects on babs scared me so any tips or advice gratefully recieved!!

4FAB. xx


  • Hi 4FAB, sorry I'm unable to give you any advice but I was wondering if you could possibly give me some please?

    My Mum has Type 2 diabetes so as such I belive I am High Risk! I am only 24 weeks and don't have my glucose test for another 4 weeks. I'm basically quite worried I might have GD, as ice been needing the loo a lot and know that's a sympton and was wondering what your circumstances were and also if you have any tips I can start now in anticiptation I may have it?
  • Hi,
    I was told yesterday i've got this but i'm not seeing the consultant til Monday so can't really help i'm afraid but it's nice to find someone else in the same situation!
  • Hey girls,

    Beckywoo, I had no symptoms only tiredness which i put down to just being pg! At my 28 week apt. last week there was glucose in my pee sample which prompted the mw to do a quick blood sugar test, just pin prick then a drop of blood is measured by a monitor, it was 9 (should be between 3 &5) So i was brought in for a GTT & all my results were high.

    If you are worried hon i bought hubby a kit from asda very cheap its asda's own brand & it was around the medical isle, plasters, gaviscon etc. there is 3 urine strips in it & you can test yourself if its positive bring it to your mw/GP if they've any sense they'll give you the GTT early especially with your history. Good luck. xx

    Plumduff, yes it is nice to find someone else in same boat. Well Peed off this morning, diabetes nurse rang for my results & said i'll almost definately be put on insulin - not impressed, I was sooo good i stuck to it really well & dinner last night had zero carbs in it yet my result was still high. At least i know i didnt cheat & its not my fault :cry:
    best of luck at your apt. on monday please let me know how you get on.
    4fab. xx
  • Hi 4FAB,

    Thank you for the advice I will try and go and get some now! So you weren't in a high risk category to begin with? I am also tired and also need to pee a lot so I'm failry certain I have it too.

    What are the sort of dietry requirements you need to adhere to? Obviously no sugary cakes or chocolate I know that but is there anything else maybe I can start to do now to help?!?!

    Sorry to hear they have to put you on insulin, is that not so nice then? At least your baby will be OK though which is all that matters! xxxx
  • Hey Becky,

    Well i was at risk cause have a higher than average BMI but its not in my family or anything. You're right about the sweets & cakes etc. but you also have to cut way back on carbs. Its not that bad though to be honest just swapping a few things like ordinary white rice to basmati rice, white bread to granary bread, old potatoes to new potatoes, the likes of cornflakes, crispies, weetabix are brutally high so swap for all bran or porridge. 3 portions of fruit a day max, 125ml of fruit juice is equal to one portion of fruit but only to be taken with meals, not as a drink for thirst inbetween & only one portion of fruit at a time, 5 portions of dairy but only 3 can be made up of milk (200mls is one portion) the other 2 a diet yogurt or cheese, for the calcium a matchbox size piece is adequate, but there are no carbs in hard cheese so it can be more. As much Veg as you like as they dont affect your sugar levels.
    Drinks only diet drinks, water, milk & swap your sugar in tea & coffee for sweetner.
    You must eat breakfast, mid morning snack (piece of fruit or a yogurt), lunch, mid afternoon snack, dinner & supper (piece of fruit, diet yogurt, piece of granary toast or 3 ryvita with cheese or spread) Im eating more now than i did before so not hungry at all.

    As for the insulin I've to inject it 7 times a day into my tummy, aswell as the 7 finger pricks for testing daily. Im sure i'll get used to it eventually though & i totally agree as long as it helps my baby Ill do whatever, just so disapointed as i didnt cheat on the diet & i'd really hoped that would be enough, sadly not, my body just isn't producing enough on its own.

    let me know how you go with the asda tests if you get them!
    4fab. xx

  • Thank you 4FAB. I'm seeing the MW on Weds so I'm going to see what my urine sample is like and go from there. My family have told me off for getting super paranoid without any reason so far. I'll keep you posted.

    I hope the insulin isn't too bad for you and try not to get disheartened it's nothing you've done just something your body can't do! And look at it this way - least you found out now! xxx
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