Is anyone going on holiday whilst pregnant? Any tips?

We are thinking of going to Orlando in May when I will be 20 weeks.

We were supposed to be in Las Vegas this week, but had to cancel for other reasons, and I am sooo relieved. Couldn't have coped with the sickness on holiday. Surely I will feel better at 20 weeks? :lol:


  • Oooohhh Lucky you!!

    We went away when I was 22 weeks pregnant with my 1st to Portugal.
    I would say dont under estimate the heat, I really struggled with the temp and ended up spending the hotest part of the day in our villa. Make sure you drink loads of water to keep hydrated.
    And dont expect to be able to walk round theme parks all day as you will just end up knackered and swollen!!

    Have a great time
    Naomi xx
  • were thinking about booking a cruise for the end of march i will be 23 weeks. dont think the temp will be too hot then tho but i at least hope i get some sun! ive gradually started to feel better as long as i eat 'little and often' lol but its actually true for me, if i dont im sick. 16+5 x
  • I am going to Florida for a break in three weeks when I will be 20 weeks. Saying that, I am one of those lucky sods that have not been ill and so far, pregnancy has been fairly uneventful! I am not worried - will take it easy and drink lots. As I see it , I am pregnant not ill so will carry on as normal until it becomes all too much! I would say go - it has been great to have this holiday to look forwards to! xx
  • hey
    Im going snowboarding to Bulgaria in 3 weeks time and I will be 24 weeks pregnant. obviously I wont be snowboarding lol but we booked it with friends before I got pregnant so am going to go and just relax in the villa and visit the local spa for manicures etc. they say the 2nd trimester is the best time to travel so roughly between 14-26 weeks as u should be feeling better and wont have got too big. I would say go for it! xx
  • Thanks ladies! I think I will bite the bullet and just book it! Just need some attractive flight socks now!
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