worried about gaining weight

i am 18 weeks on friday and read on a website that i should have put on about 10lbs by now! i haven't really put on any weight i think about 2lb if that!! am naturally small and worried now! i have a bump and eat a lot!! i have always been naturally small and slim and have never been able to gain weight! i have to have extra growth scans at 30-34 weeks cos i am so small. should i be worried?? xx


  • Dont worry about it hun everyone puts on weight at different rates.
    It depends on your size ect.... im 23+5 and ive only put on about 5lbs. Your baby wont be effected by how much you put on as long as your eating a balanced diet.
  • Don't worry yet - if you are small your weight gain will be reduced to what matches your size anyway. I am also quite small - 5ft tall - and so far I have lost about half a stone - and them managed to gain 1/2 a pound. I'm nearly 16 weeks and think the initial weight loss was due to nausea and sickness. My scan showed the baby was the right size for dates. I'm sure we will both just catch up the weight a bit later on.
  • I'm 5"7 and have put on 12000 stone image well at least that is what it feels like.

    I was 11 stone pre preggo and I'm now 13 stone at only 27+2 weeks which means if I keep on going this way I will be about 16 stone by the time I give birth. Oh the joy image

  • thanks u've made me feel much better! my mum put on 4 stone with all her pregnancies and put weight on right from the very beginning so i guess i'm not taking after her!!! xxx
  • ive put on bout 2 n half stone im now 37wk preg im mainly all bump this tym image
  • My friend lost about a stone in first few weeks of her pregnancy due to bad morning sickness. Shes also naturally small. However as months went on she gained about 2 stone, but equally lost it quite quickly. As long as baby is ok try not to worry, and if you are eating well as should be fine. You just have a nice neat bump so far!
    Filo x
  • Hi - don't worry. I didn't gain a pound until I was 20 weeks, in fact I had lost weight (9lbs). I would just be pleased tbh! I'm still only 1st up from my pre-pregnancy weight. However I have put on 7lb more than that due to weight loss in the beginning. xxxx
  • don't worry, I was 18 weeks yesturday and have only put on 3lb!
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