breastfeeding, HELP!!

hi can anyone who has breastfed tell me how it is for you? good points and bad. i know all the benefits for baby, and am planning to breastfeed this one (my second) and i didnt with my first. id appreciate just finding out from people who have done it, as i dont know anyone who has.a thing i have been worried about (and its a bit embarrassing!) is what happens with sex? for me and my husband my boobs are a big part of sex and i dont know if this would then be weird once i was breastfeeding, cause how do you switch from boobs for baby, then boobs for husband and back again?like how do you make the switch back and forward if that makes sense, or are boobs i bed out of the question til you give up breastfeeding, its just hard to imagine for me/

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  • My sil is breast feeding and said her bond with baby is stronger, she's losing weight quicker and feels more at ease with him. she leaks and stuff but can cope with that. its the bond that makes it worth while! i spent a whole evening asking qs about it while she was feeding him lol bless her
  • I breast fed my 2 youngest. I was really lucky and didnt have much problem with latching on etc, altho did have sore nipples for a few days first time round. ( the tip to rub breast milk into em works by the way) Had more trouble with oh when it came to feeding in public! he would get ded paranoid and that would get me all worked up and flustered. I mean, its not like I was waving em about in peoples faces or anything!! :lol:

    As for the sex thing, best I can suggest is trial and error & c what works 4 u. Speaking from my experiences, we didnt have much trouble in that way as long as it wasnt coming up to a feed, then it could get a bit wet n messy :lol: (sorry! way TMI :lolimage

    My oh is a boob guy too, but seeing them put to their 'proper' use didnt put him off em at all! (Had to remind him to be gentle sometimes tho, cos they were a bit more sensitive!)

    Hope this has helped, and good luck with the BF. Its well worth it, believe me!! ;\)
  • Hi again laura.. my experience is a long story.. so i wont tell you it.. all I can say is, if you want to try hun, then go for it... at least you will know then whether it is right for you.... and as most people dont feel up to 'having fun' for the first 6 weeks or so... im sure by then you will know if you are sticking with breastfeeding or not.
    If you do, then im sure you and hubby will manage to work things out.. it might be fun trying to work out the best way for you both. lol
    caz xx
  • I didn't try it at all first time but did second time. I coped really well when I was in hospital-the nurses were great at helping me to get her latched on and stuff. When I got home tho I only lasted a few more days as it got really sore. Looking back now I think I hadn't her latched on properly which is why it hurt.

    I got really upset when I stopped as I flet like I had failed my baby by giving up but it was just too sore. I am going to try again this time but I have all the stuff I need for bottlefeeding just incase.

    My main advice would be that if you want to give it a go then great go ahead but try not to get your hopes up too much just incase.

    I hope it all goes well for you
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