hair dye and nail varnish

still off work today but cold is getting better and anti sickness tabltes are helping with the MS!

have forgotten what mascara is over the last few days... going to try to drag myself to the shop to get sme beautifying items to make myself feel a bit more attractive

are hair dyes (perm brown one) and nail varnish ok to use?

hopeing ok wont recognise me when he gets in ha ha xxx:lol:


  • hi if your going to use a hair dye make sure you do a skin test first as when your pregnant your skin can be much more sensitive if you have no reaction to the skin test then your fine to do it
    claire x
  • They say that semi dyes are much better to use than permanent. I got mine done with a semi last week. I believe there are more natural things in them rather than chemicals. This stuff smells yum!

    13+5 x
  • As long as you do a test you can use permenant hair dye on your skin but definitely do a test first - and be warned your hair may take differently as it changes during pregnancy. Im a qualified hairdresser and normally bleach my hair and that is safe to use on the skin aswell its the fumes that are dangerous for the baby so I opted out of bleaching my hair and went darker at the weekend just to be on the safe side - make sure you do it in a well ventilated area even with your nail varnish


  • When I saw my hairdresser before xmas she said the salon (Toni and Guy Essentials) wouldn't recommend full head colours at all and would only do foils.

    Bec 25+4 x
  • my hairdresser at toni and guy said 2 use semi permenant-
  • I think the salon I used to work at were the same to be honest - can never be too careful


  • right i'll def do a skin test, and use a semi and may only leave it on for half the amount of time... does that sound sensible? can't really afford to get it done at the hair dressers right now so will have to be a home job

    might leave my nails and just file them image

  • Hello, I am a nail tech and a hairdresser. Both are perfectly fine. Semi's are better as they won't sting your scalp so much its only bleech you have to be a little careful of if it is left on the scalp. Allot of hairdressers will tell you to wait until 12 weeks. As for nail varnish as long as your not planning in eating it then go nuts! However when it comes to have nails done.....I BEG you to stay away from the chinese nail shops that you find on the high street that offer a cheaper service as they use a product called MMA. IF USED INCORRECTLY IT CAN MAKE YOU AND YOU CHILD VERY VERY ILL. This also counts if your pregnant or not....Ever wondered why they wear masks but done offer them to you?????
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