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I am due my 7???? week scam on 4th December. Can anyone calm my fears about this? Is it dangerous at all for the pregnancy? Is it painful? I'm a bit worried. My first baby and totally clueless!!


  • There's no need to worry, there's no risk to your baby. It'll be a little uncomfortable, but no worse than a smear. You may not even need an internal scan at this stage, I thought they could hear the heartbeat normally from 6 weeks, but everyone's different.

    B x

  • Hiya
    I had a couple of early internal scans, they are not at all dangerous for the baby as they only go as they don't go very far in. I found it totally painless but a bit uncomfortable when they move it around to get views of the baby. The best way to describe it is like a dildo! They even put a condom on it and loads of ky jelly to makes sure it goes in easily.
    Good luck!
  • i'm just going to repeat what the other ladies hav said, it's not dangerous or painful, just a bit uncomfortable!! try not to stress too much, as bubsy said you may not even need an internal scan!!! wishing u lots of luck hun!!! emmj had to laugh at ur description of the probe etc, my hubs peed himself laughing when the sonographer put the condom on the probe!!! just shows how childish our oh's can still be!!! lol!!!
  • yeah I can echo what the others have said - I'm a real wimp when it comes to smears but it was much less uncomfortable, no speculum, just a very smooth, lubricated probe. Hope goes well.
    Ames x
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  • hi i agree with the others its not at all painfull but at 7 and half weeks you might not need one i never needed one after 6 weeks

    claire x
  • Thanks ladies, dont know what I was worried about really, having had assisted conception I imagine it could never be as bad as that lol!! So looking forward to seeing my wee baby on the scan for the first time.
  • I don't mean to be nosey and feel free to tell me to sod off, I'm just interested...

    What's assisted conception? I noticed your sign in name and wondered of you were 'going it alone' with a sperm donor?

    Good for you if you are, or is my imagination running away with me?!

    B x
  • Lol, I am indeed going it alone using a sperm Donor. After 2 months of trying I got a BFP! So I'm 4 weeks already.
  • Wow! Well done you.

    I had wondered about it as ap option before I met my OH, but I'm not sure I'd have the guts to actually do it.

    Do you get to choose your sperm and find out the characteristics of the man who produced it?

    Hope all goes well for you.

    B x
  • No, all the hospital would say is that they dont mix race. I cant wait to see my baby, a little mini me lol! I've never felt so excited!!!
  • Congrats on your BFP!

    I had a transvaginal scan at 6+5 and can echo what the others have said, its not painful just slightly uncomfortable when they move it around to alter the view.

    You will be absolutely fine and its worth it to see your babys heartbeat, just incredible xx
  • I had one at 5+3 and like the other girls have said its honestly fine! I must admit when I saw the probe it looked quite long so dont be nervous when u see it as it didnt hurt 1 little bit - I wouldnt even have said it was uncomfortable.....i was just aware it was there!
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