Doppler Advice Please

Well i just ordered a Hi Baby doppler for rent online. Should arive within 1-3 days and claims it works from 10 weeks onwards. (Im 14 weeks 1 day so hopefully hear it)

It has an LCD screen that records the heart rate and it can be saved and sent as email.

Has anyone used these and how good are they??

Im all excited but still paranoid that something might go wrong!!!


  • I had one but sounds fancier than mine. I waited until a midwife had found hte heartbeat before I tried just so I didn't panic (which was at 15 weeks). My friend could find it from 11 weeks but it can be very difficult so be patient!
  • Are they expencive to rent? I bought a heart listening thingy but cant get it to work althought ive only tried it once and had a scan since so not worried but i'm 18 weeks and 3 days so thinking maybe i should be hearing now... ill have another go tonight! x
  • Its ??21.95 per month from Hi but prices start at ??16.95 for one that doesnt record heart rate.

    Im a worrier so im really looking forward to it arriving! Do you think i will be able to hear it at 14 and a half weeks??
  • I had my doppler and I thought I was hearing the heartbeat. But it turned out to be my own. How silly. So one day at 16 weeks. I listened again and sure enough there was the really strong and fast heartbeat
  • When did you start listening??

    Supposedly it sounds like a little horse galloping is this right??

    I had a dream last night that i could hear it and thats how it sounded so gave into temptation and ordered one.

    Im a worry wart and hoping it will help settle my fears
  • When did you start listening??

    Supposedly it sounds like a little horse galloping is this right??

    I had a dream last night that i could hear it and thats how it sounded so gave into temptation and ordered one.

    Im a worry wart and hoping it will help settle my fears
  • I just bought one off ebay. Only ??20 inc postage. Can't wiat for it to arrive. So far no symptoms and ages to wait for scan so I'm hoping that it might put my mind at ease. S x
  • Suz McH - How far along are you?
  • Suz McH - How far along are you?
  • If your not sure it's the baby's heartbeat your hearing. Then put one hand on your pulse and see if it's going at the same speed. Cause I found that my pulse was so loud it dominates the baby's heartbeat.

    But these days I can hear it straight away. I'm now 27+4 and she is well active. Kicking all the time. I feel her everyday.

    On the wierd dreams bit.. Hows this I have been dreaming about celebs. Paul Mcartney and his mrs. Visiting them. And last night ( sorry for this) I dreamt I saw ozzy and sharon Osborne having sex. My god I woke up scarred.
  • About 10wks. I know I probably won't hear anything until 12 weeks but my scan isn't until nearly 15wks so it's a really long wait.
    But I just got a callback from the early preg unit, I called and left them a message , because any symptoms i did have have disappeared they want me to come in and have an early scan so that's good. S x
  • I have an angelsounds one from ebay, it was ??30 delivered & picked up my baby heartbeat straight away at about 12 weeks - it was great & i listened all the time, best thing i ever bought !!
  • Well i cant wait to get mine image

    I too have strange (and sexual) dreams. Its quite disturbing lol!!

    I have my next scan at 19 weeks on 2nd April, cant wait to find out the sex.

    I had emergency scans at 6/7 weeks as i had constant cramping (and stil do) but everything looked ok. Just worry over every slightest thing.

    My symptoms too have started to ease off but thta is supposedly normal in the second trimester
  • I bought a doppler from Ana Wiz and the first time i used it, it took me about 20mins to find the heartbeat, now i can find it within seconds.

    Its the best thing ive bought- gives me great peace of mind and i love listening to it after a long day in work.
  • I have an Angel Sounds doppler and couldn't hear the heartbeat until about 18 Weeks image but now I listen to it all the time, it's really reassuring.

  • We had the Summer Infant listening thing for the last pregnancy and it was rubbish - not a proper doppler. But my friend has the Ana Wiz one with the digital readout and has found it to be great. She used it on me a week ago when I was just under 9 weeks and she did eventually get a heartbeat - it wasn't mine cos she found that too (the baby's is faster and the digital readout means you know if it's in the right range - I think this was 164). We're going to have another go this weekend as I haven't had a scan yet - my 12 week one is a week on Monday and I can't wait!
  • My 20 week scan is tomorrow- im so excited but so nervous in case something is wrong.

    The babies heartbeat sounds like galloping horses and is much faster than ours!!

    I hope im right now and it aint been mine ive been listening to lol

  • All these positive reviews, I'm really glad I ordered mine now. S x
  • Woohoo i'm going on eBay now!!! I had a scan yesterday, i'm 14 weeks 4 days today and couldn't resist a couple of babygro's today and now i'm definitely getting a doppler!! Thanks girlies xx
  • Hi I bought the AngelSounds one off ebay and it was great - could hear h/b from 9 weeks I swear.

    You have to remember that before 16 weeks, lo is still largely in the pelvic area, so you have to point the doppler down towards the inside of your pelvis (if this makes sense!)

    Used to listen to it every day but now I'm 24+3 I can feel it kicking loads so back on ebay it will go when I get a min!

    Also very important - you must use gel with it (some ladies use oil) otherwise you can't hear a thing!

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