Anyone have problems gettig rid of thrush?

Hi everyone

Sorry to ask AGAIN but i can't take much more of this! I have now had thrush on and off for 8 or 9 weeks and its getting ridiculous! I used vagisil cream first, then natural yogurt and then i went doctors and got prescribed a pessary.Every one of the above seem to have worked for a few days and then it comes back again the itching and soreness! I never had thrush before getting pregnant so im not sure what works the best, especially now.Did any of you have problems getting rid of it whilst pregnant? How did you finially get rid of it? I have stopped using shower gels and stuff down there just been using unperfumed soap.When i used the pessary i didnt use a cream with it as i wasn't told to, should i have used a cream?

thanks in advance for your help
charlie x 15+5


  • Sorry charlie, I have never suffered with thursh in my life but im sure if you go back to your docs and tell them that nothings working for you they can give you something new to try? Sorry i cant be much help... hope you manage to get rid of it for good soon!

  • oh it is, its so horrible! I always thought thrush was just itching, didnt know its sore aswell sometimes! Im seeing my midwife on thursday so didnt want to make another doctors appointment really, just wanted to know what i could try between now and then to see if it starts to work!

    thanks for your replies
    charlie x 15+5
  • Hi Charlie, I'd go back to your GP and get some advice. Is your oh being treated? If not he could be giving it straight back to you which would explain why you keep getting it. There often aren't any symptoms in men but they should be treated regardless.

    Good luck, hope you get rid of it soon!

    Liz xxx
  • yeh he has been using a different cream to me as he did have symptoms at first.He is fine now, its just me! I don't know if i should just wait until my midwife appointment on thursday?

    charlie x 15+5
  • I had it a few weeks ago - never had it before, doc said its common in pregnancy, and prescribed be caneston cream, it cleared up within a few days. Not sure if this will be of help to you ?
  • just the cream? I know canestan do a duo pack with cream and pessary, do you think thats better? How long and how often did you use the cream for? Did you use it after the symptoms had gone?

    charliex 15+5
  • Yeah just cream, no pessaries or anything, caneston thrush cream it was, used it as prescribed 3 times a day if i remember for about 3 days & it was totally gone, never reared its head since (touch wood) & havent used it since.
  • thanks i will try that, hope it works!

    charlie x 15+5
  • good luck, hope something works its not nice I feel for you,

    let me know how you get on xx
  • hi charlie

    i am 34+4 weeks and had thrush for what seems like forever!! about 13 weeks now. i started just using cream and it went but came back so went to mw who got gp to prescribe me canesten cream as its rather expensive!! just told to keep using it. also havent had sex with OH since as its to painful. i know how u feel about the soreness as its woken me up at night before now. just keep applying the cream when u get some but get it in prescription as obviously its free!!!! i know its not nice but just keep on with trhe cream.
    hope it settles soon xx
  • Try drinking cranberry juice, this is ment to help clear it up and stop it returning. I don't know how well it works, hope you feel better soon.
    Amy xx
  • Hi hun, i know what you mean - I've been using just a little bit of canisten cream once it's gone to stave it off - first every day, then every other day, then every couple of days - tat seems to keep it at bay! xxx
  • I totally sympathes. I suffered with thrush for the first 5 months of pg and was hell. I was advised to stop washing twice a day as it was washing away the natural Juices( sorry that sounds gross, but i cant think of the word!) I used a clean towel everyday and just patted that area dry, making sure i wasnt too rough! I changed my soap and bubble bath to "Simple" and changed my washing powder. I used canesten cream 4 x a day regardless, even when i thought it had gone it would reappear 2 days later, so i continued on this for 2 months, even when symptoms had gone. I dont know if all these changes helped or if it was just time that did it.Drinking plenty of water helped too.
    I hope it goes soon so you can begin to enjoy being prg.,
  • Have had persistent thrush in the past and my doctor recommended using hairdryer (on a cool setting!) to dry yourself off down below after washing (and yes you will get funny looks from oh :lolimage. Apparently it thrives in warm wet places so keeping dry can help. Also avoid even unperfumed soap - just plain water to wash.
  • Lilycat, I use soap and perfume free shower gels like Simple. It seems to do the trick. Soap doesn't agree with me either.

    I've had it for 3 weeks now and it is getting a bit better but it's terribly annoying!
  • I have had thrush on and off during this pregnancy, it's bloody awful I can sympathise!

    I was prescribed a pessary and clotrimazole cream (which is the same as canesten, just not branded), and I continued using the cream for a week which seemed to get rid of it initially - whenever it starts irritating again I just use some more cream which tends to ease it.

    It'll get better once you've had the baby!
  • Hi ya

    Is it harder to get rid of during pregnancy then? Im on day 2 of using canestan cream and it is getting beter but im not going to get caught this time, im going to make sure i carry on using it for atleast few days after symptoms seem to go! I thought unperfumed soaps were ok? Is it ok just to use water, doesn't seem very clean lol.I was thinking of picking up some feminine wash in town on thursday to use for rest of pregnancy to try to prevent it! Does anyone use something like this? Is it any good? Or still not reccomended?

    charlie x 15+6
  • I use lilets wash, but to be honest you are better off just leaving "that area" alone. Have a bath or shower once a day and try not to rub too hard when washing or drying.If your like me you will want more than 1 shower a day, but to be honest sex is a no go when you have thrush so no-one is going to know if you are " clean" down there or not. Just persevere.
  • Oh dear poor you image
    i had annoying recurring thrush last year for ages and I eventually stopped using soap, cut out baths with bubble bath and cut way down on sanitary products - as in pads instead of tampax wherever possible, and not using pantyliners anywhere near as regularly - I think it was them that was the main problem. I now use cloth pantyliners if I need them and once baby arrives I'm going to try the mooncup instead of tampax. I've been fine so far since I started all of that. Hope that helps image
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