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Hey Girls

I dont know whats wrong with me today I've been sitting crying my eyes out, I feel really sad an upset and for no aparant reason, I also told my OH that I didnt think it was working anymore and that I felt lonely all the time, is this normal???? or am I being a complete psycho bitch? I feel really guilty for getting upset because of the baby aswell but I couldn't stop it!


Lyns 32+3


  • Hi girls

    Thanks for the nice words, it keeps you sane to get things off your chest, my OH came in and gave me a big cuddle image and he laughed at me saying it wasnt working which lightened my mood straigh away, I had a long bubble bath and just chilled and calmed myself down, I suppose it can just become hard when you feel the size of a house!!

  • wel i think its alrit 2 shed tears and let it al out sumtimes. its totally a different reason 4 me, i'm 24 n hav a 21month old n a week old as wel n jus got dumped by my partner of 4yrs, 4 months ago n only heard???? weeks ago he's gettin married 2 d girl he cheated on me with in december and doesn even care bout his babies. so i cried myself to labour and stil cry sumtimes cos i really thot he was d 1. its jus so scary n difficult raisin my 2 girls on my own, at least i'v got ma mum, sis n bro there so i gues it'l wil get beta by d special grace of god
  • I wouldn't usually describe myself as a victim of my hormones (never suffered with PMT and touch wood have had a lovely pregnancy so far) but in the last 3 weeks I've had days where totally out of the blue I've had to hide myself away to have a good worry and cry. All 3 times it's been set off by different things but I think the same thing is at the root of it all: fear of the unknown and how we're going to adapt to being parents. Like you, I get feelings of loneliness and worry about coping - no matter how supportive our OHs are, at the end of the day it's us ladies who are biologically designed to carry and nurture our babies. That's an enormous responsibility and it's no wonder we're anxious!

    Your OH sounds lovely and as long as you keep explaining how you feel to him and letting him comfort and support you you're going to be fine :\)

  • try not to worry babe we all do it
    i spent about an hour crying the other night and it wall all because my two kids were fighting over who had more space in the bath.
    martin normaly escapes my bad moods i have a male friend i tend to call up and lash out at when i feel the need and he dosnt mind he has been there for it through all of my pregnancys so is used to it lol x
  • I know, the guys dont understand at all, mines just laughs, but even when I feel like im going to get all emotional I try and explain its not him but he will continue to ask what have I done, which can make you feel worse lol I dont know any other preg ladies out there so this place is a life saver to me and my rollercoaster emotions!! image

    Lyns xx Im also starting to feel like I could burst, and ive still got 7 weeks left!!!
  • I'm with you there, sometimes I can just be sat watching tv and suddenly I just get the feeling that I wanna start crying with no idea why ! Plus I have a habit of snapping at my DH over stupid little things, he just gives me his hurt bunny look and then laughs at me as he knows its my hormones and not like me at all !
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