Hello I'm new!

Hi everyone

Been lurking on here for a little while but thought i'd post. I'm convinced I'm now 6 weeks & 2 days if i have that right?(last AF was on 14th oct) I'm having a dating scan soon to double check this as there is a chance we conceived before we went abroad to get married beginning of Oct.

Anyway we're a bit shocked as we can't believe we've conceived so quickly. It's starting to sink in now though. Is anyone else expecting in July too?



  • congrats on wedding and baby! xx
  • thank you x

    sorry I'm being nosey really as I'm so new to this!!! have far along are you with your pregnancy & have you found out what your having?

    i've come over from the YAYW forum so I could talk all day about weddings so i've got lots to learn!!!
  • Im from yayw (may 07) lots of girls on here are. Im 24+1, having a girl (95% sure). Nose away. I dont mind x
  • thanks - i do have a 28 day cycle so 21st july is due day then!

    oh how lovely a girl!!!! I don't know why but have a funny feeling mine will be a boy don't know why & I know it's really early!!! i'll be glad to have a healthy baby either sex really although having come from a family all with girls won't know where to start with a boy!!lol!!! so have your scans confirmed the sex & did you have a feeling before hand? xx
  • I'm having twins! I'm just under ten weeks.... Congrats and welcome! xx


  • i'm 5+2 due 29th July!! have you had any symptoms yet?
  • Hi there i am due the first week in july im 8+6 we just got married on the 20th of sept and we concevied on our honeymoon.This is our second baby i have a wee girl who is 15 months and is adorable.
    congrats on your baby xx
  • Scan indicates girl (95%) she kept crossing legs. Was convinced it was a boy! xx
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