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Hi All,

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter break.

I'm thinking about getting a baby heart monitor - can anyone suggest a good one and where to get them?

Also - when can you start using them? I'm 9+3 and wondered if this may be too early?

Thanks ladies!

Koi xx


  • Hiya
    I got an Angel Sounds doppler off Ebay - it was about ??30. I think you are probably too early now to find the heartbeat - I begged the mw to find my lo's heartbeat at 12 weeks and it took her a good 5 minutes with a more powerful doppler. Even at 14 weeks when I got my doppler it took me 3 days of off and on trying before hubby & I managed to find lo's heartbeat.

    I saw a lot of people on here recommend the Angel Sounds doppler which is why I got it and I thought it was great... we used to listen to my lo's heartbeat pretty much every day until he arrived and it was definately well worth the money!

    hope that helps image
  • I've got the Angel Sounds one and I got it off ebay for ??20. I'm 13wks and still haven't managed to use it to hear the heartbeat yet. Not worrying too much (yeah right ! 1st scan tomorrow.) But most people on here have reassured me it's normal not to hear it using the doppler at this stage. S x
  • Thanks girls! Thought I might have been a bit ahead of my time! Will wait til the end of the second trimester before I purchase, but thanks so much for your recommendations. xxx
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