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Sorry ladies this isn't going to be an amusing thread about willies image

The mw said on weds that she thought I was going to be having a big baby (between 9 and 10 lbs) she measured my belly and said hmmmm and ohhhhh a lot. I have just looked at my notes and my belly was 29cms and I'm 27 weeks is this a normal size? or does it not actually mean anything at all?




  • No so much worried about a big baby more that I am going to explode lol My tummy is hugeeeeeee already so can't even being to imagine how big it will be in 10 weeks :S
  • Hi Caz, I was measured on Wednesday and I am 29 but I was 28.4 weeks then. My mw said that the measurements are normally within 2 cms either side so at 27 weeks you should be between 25 and 29cm. Try not to worry too much as Zoey says they can't tell for sure how big/small the baby will be!
    Tammi xxx
  • Thank you image xx
  • Hi Zoey, hope u & ruby are ok. She measured from my pubic bone to the top of the fundus - which is the top of your womb. If you lye on your back you should be able to feel were it is. As I said it should be 2cm either side of the number of weeks that you are. Let me know how you get on!
  • Don't even get me started on tummy measurements! My midwife is obsessed with mine, reckons I'm 3 - 4wks ahead of where I should be (am currently nearly 31wks, & definite about when I conceived). As a result I've had extra hospital appointments & scans, but baby measures pretty average (or possibly slightly small) on scans. Apparently even scanning isn't an exact science, & measuring your tummy with a tape measure definitely isn't. Like someone else said, none of us will really know for sure until baby arrives!
  • Zoey won't worry about it. Ask your mw to measure it for you to make sure its done correct. Try doing it from where your bump starts coming out that might be better. xxx
  • This measuring lark confuses the hell out of me. I have always measured spot on. 27cm at 28 weeks, 31cm at 31 weeks, and 34cm at 34. However on my growth chart, this is apparently massive! :\? And it says baby will be 8.14lbs at term and I am right on the top centile line?! And yet according to this site, 34cm at 34 weeks is normal??? I'm sooooooo confused! xxxxx

  • Tiger lily what does it say for being 29 at 29 weeks?
  • You may just be carrying extra fluid babe! I am sure that would say if they thought you were too big. As long as Rubys fine thats the most importnant thing.
  • Tamarabell - just fetched my notes and according to my chart, 29cm at week 29 is right off the scale! See what I mean - they're f**ked!!! What did your mw say about it? I am going to mention it to my mw on Wed when I see her, because surely the chart can't be right. I changed hospitals halfway through my pregnancy and still have the growth chart from my old area, so might plot my measurments on that and see if it says the same!

    So annoyed now as I'd been crapping myself about having a huge bab lol and looks like I am average after all and its been for nothing! Grrrr. xxxx

  • Tiger lily she told me that it was normal? Normal being 2cm either side of the number of weeks pregnant that you are! Something must be wrong somewhere as I don't think its a huge baby that I am carrying, my bump only really appeared 4 weeks ago. According to my 20 week scan (had 3) bubs is the right size all over apart from its legs which are measuring 2 weeks longer than my dates but oh is really tall, his daughter is 14 and is already 5ft 9! So that didn;'t really shock me too much! xxx
  • My baby a bit bigger than average at the 20 week scan what with the lengths and everything. Also had long legs which was weird considering me & oh are both small (5"5 and 5"9). Was on about 70th centile. I don't think he will be massive but I do reckon he'll take after my dad rather than oh and be quite tall! I have plotted it on my old hospital's chart and lo seems to be on 70th centile again so slightly bigger than average despite always measuring the exact number of weeks, but nowhere near as huge as the other chart says he is. Hmmmm. I'm still going to ask! xxx

  • Tiger lily - let me know what your mw says!!! Sounds like two tall babies on the way!
  • They can't really tell from measurements. When I went to mw last time my belly measured 1cm bigger than my pregnancy in weeks (soz, can't remember when I went! Think it was 33cms at 32 weeks) when she put it on the graph it was up near the top! She said not to worry cos 1 measurement doesn't really tell you anything, but if they say a cm either way is normal then why does the graph show it as being huge/tiny? Confused!

  • I was told by midwife that you should be approx 1cm per week of pregnancy. I'm measuring 29 at nearly 29 weeks and was told that was spot on?
  • hi just thort i'd let you no wen i was 35 weeks pregnant they put on my growth chart 40cm and said im having a big baby they also did the same in my last pregnancy but wen my baby was born she weighed 7lb 8 which i dont thimk is that big so i would't worry too much about it.
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