omg wot did i ever see in him...

well he has told me he dont want anything to do with amy and said its cos of the way i have treated him pmsl this is the person who was trying to comit benifit fraud frm my address last week aswell as everything else he has done to me. (refer to my prev posts). He was only trying to claim jsa frm my address lol the lazy shit cant even be arsed to get a job wen we hav split he h8s amy and wants nothing to do with any of my kids lol amy is my kid my prob hes happy being on his own comeing and going as he wants i text him to see wot he wanted to do about amy. to give him the chance i text him early thismorning to c if his attitude was cos he was with his silly little friends who ent out of nappies yet but hes still a wanker. Im better off without him i feel beta now knowing i ent going mad and that this isnot my fault this is him all over and him blameing me is just a laugh to be honest. He doesnt desreve such a special little girl iv decided that he is not haveing anything to do with amy hes to fucked in the head to he dont deserve her. U all may think im out of order but iv give him chance after chance iv texted him every antinatle iv had to let him no how shes doing and he dont even care and now hes blatently admited he dont want anything to do with it as he calls her an it ffs his own daughter. Shes beter off without a low life with nothing i dont even think i love him i love the person he used to b not the person who he has become i cud never have him bac in my life now or my kids or amy he deserted her and still isnt remorsefull all he can do is blame me ffs but just cant justifie y its cos iv spoke to him like shit cos i wont let him walk all over me like he tryed to do and i never stood 4 it off him and im so proud of myself for doing it hes called amy a little cunt and everything hes the cunt not me and he will get his cumupense and iv grassed him 4 benifit fraud serves him rote how dare he claim from my address i could of went to prison. And where wud my babies of been hes a knob and i dont know wot i ever saw in him he called me a phsyco 4 stopping his money a freak u name it a cunt a slag omg i cud go on hes a horribl nast man and i feel sorry 4 the next girl that goes with him hes dont this 3 times and i guarentee there will be a 4th im glad i got out wen i did thank u all so much 4 being there 4 me these past few weeks have been so hard 4 me i loved him so much but now iv seen him 4 the pig he really is me and my kids and new baby deserve beter thn him hes the biggest lowlife walking and he will never learn u all have been such a support to me i dont think id of got through it without any of u lot to help me make sense of it all i read your posts on the subject all the time wen i feel low. And i realise that im beta thn him and so r my kids thnku all so much its his loss now and im well rid its time to start my new life and stop liveing in the past he was a wrongen frm the start xxx :\)


  • well done tinkerbell for realising now that you and your kids are better off without him.

    he may well regret what hes done in the future but you wont regret this descision ever.

    i had a terrible time with my ex (my 12 year olds dad) and i split up with him after 10 years of mental and physical abuse. was the best decision i ever made. im now happily married with a baby on the way and i couldnt be happier.

    when i split up with him at first he thought he was living the life. hanging out with young girls who he worked with, taking drugs, going clubbing. letting his son down all the time when he was meant to see him cause he was too fucked up from drugs or drink or just couldnt be arsed. my life is now sorted while his on the other hand is the worst iy could be, has no job, no home (sleeps on his grans sofa), no friends as he fucked them all off so much. and only sees his son if his mum comes and picks him up from me for the wknd. hes a low life and always will be. and he got exactly what he deserved.
  • omg sounds like youve been having a tough time of it lately.
    He sounds like a complete arse and your so much better off without him if thats how he treats you and your babies, theres no excuse for calling someone those nasty things.

    take care hun xxx
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