Chesty cough - any ideas?

Hello, I'd appreciate any advice... I'm 14+3 and for the past couple of days a cough has been getting worse.

I'm not wheezing or feverish, but I think it's starting to get a little infected due to the flavour and colour (apologies!) of what I'm coughing. It's still not too bad but does anyone have any recommendations for anything to take / inhale that might help me heal without going to doctor's and getting antibiotics.

If it's much worse tomorrow or dragging by the middle of the week I'll go to the doc, but I'd rather not take antibiotics if possible.

I'm staying home today, warm room, tea and lemon... any other wise ideas?

Thanks ladies and hope you're enjoying some beautiful sunshine today! ;\)


  • No sunshine here hum just lots of fog!!! I had a really bad cough at teh start of my pregnancy and spoke to someone at boots who advised sucking menthol sweets and I also put plenty of vicks vapour rub on my chest and back before bed at night. If you are having trouble breathing you can also melt some vicks in a bowl of hot water to inhale. Found this worked for me and cleared my chest. Good luck, Tammi
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