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Hi guys but this may be tmi but im feeling really horny at the mo. I keep waking up having dreamed about having sex and Im starting to feel like a pervert.

I dont think my h2b knows what to do as for weeks im been moaning and feeling sick and not wanting him anywhere near me and now I keep propositioning him.

Its so funny, is it usual to have a horny phase? I read in my baby bible that having an orgasm is good for the baby as it increases the blood flow so at least its not damaging him/her.

Georgie - 14 weeks today



  • God - which this were the case for me! I haven't let DH near me since my BFP! Just not in the mood and also a bit scared despite knowing there is no risk! I wouldn't worry if I were you - I have read it is quite normal! Enjoy!
  • Don't worry about it Georgie, it is totally normal.The pregnancy hormones do different things to different women...some get increased sex drive and others reduced. For us, it has been pretty much the same as usual. It is by no means dangerous. I hadn't heard that it increased blood flow, but it is nice to know. In the later stages it is apparently one of the only ways to help induce labour too. Have fun image
  • The thing is I dont feel my best so h2b must think im disgusting. Im pale and spotty and my tummy is getting rounder. I tell you im not looking my best lol

  • We posted at the same time image I can bet there is no way your hubby thinks you are disgusting!?! You are pregnant, with his child, which makes most men feel very cool about themselves because they have achieved that (even if you played a really important part). I'm sure your H2B will just be enjoying the bonuses of your pregnancy. But if you are too worried, talk to him, and hopefully he'll give you the right reassurance (admittedly not something my OH is always very good at!). xx
  • I totally lost my sex drive at about 6 weeks and me and OH went from BDing almost every day as were both normally very highly sexed, do doing it once a week if that!! Its only just now that Im starting to get my sex drive back but OH is now going off the idea as Im getting bigger now and hes scared of hurting me and the baby and I think just the idea of having sex knowing the baby is in there moving around etc is freaking him out a little!! But Im going to pounce on him tonight im not taking no for an answer!!


  • I'm a bit both ways!! Generally I'm not in the mood, but sometimes I wake up really up for it! Not that anything happens though!

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  • haha - ive been off it with hubby since about 7 weeks but have had a few steamy dreams so hoping i will soon get my sex drive back and hubby will be pleased!

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  • Sex drive....wots

    mine has been non existant from about 15 weeks....just feel no urge to at all!!! i was really up for it before i reached 16 weeks, but husband wasn't? i used to be a sex pest, but it didnt get me anywhere so i gave up. I had a very high sex drive before pregnancy....couldn't get enough hubbie the same.

    God only knows if it will back after the birth...but we will have little one in with us as we live in a one bedroom u can imagine cant you...bubs looking trough the bars of the cot staring...gonna have to think of something....ha ha ha

    little missie x
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  • i've forgotton what sex is like! my OH wont have sex with me whilst i'm pregnant so its been a very long 33 weeks!!!!!!!!
  • I was incredibly horny at first, then had a few weeks of not wanting it at all! now its back again! and its so much better! I've had stronger orgasms than ever before, and he barely has to do anything at all!

    Cas 33+1
  • what sex drive?? :lol:
    like my 1st pregnancy, its completely gone again! my poor oh! however when i had my 1st as soon as i got home from the hosp i was gagging for it :roll: so once my stitches had healed we made up for the 7months of no touching lol xxx
  • Never thought i'd be commenting on this but........just couldnt resist!

    We haven't stopped all through the pregnancy.......maybe only for 3 days 39 weeks today and OH can't keep his hands off....its great!!!

    It must be all the increased blood supply and hormones.......but am horny as hell!!

    Good luck to you all

  • I seem to go a bit sex mad when i'm pregnant! I was a horny devil when I was pregnant with my son, poor hubby was nearly begging to be left alone some nights! I have pounced on hubby every morning this week so it looks like I'll be the same with this one! xxx

    Cat 14 weeks
  • Yup, I'm like a horny pony!! I've have been like this since I found out I was pg, hubby does not know what has hit him!! I think it is my enhanced boobs that is making me feel this way, I am dangerous!!

    Andi 10+6
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