Grolier dont do it!

Hi im just wanted to advise people not to accept anything from grolier (book company) they get your details as soon as you give birth and ring to see if you want to buy any books for your little one. They rang me constantly when my son was new born, until eventually i agreed to let them send me a book for 7 days no obligation if i didnt like it i could send it back. well they sent me 30 books all in one which would have cost me about ??30 to post back so i ended up buying it. They have continuously sent me books, calenders and other things through the post even after i have email and sent them loads of letters asking that they dont send me anything and although i refused to sign for these items they are now sending me bailiff letters for them.
Im now expecting my second and think it is absolutely disgusting that they basically prey on mothers when they have just given birth and everything is hay wire, until they give in.

Anyway just wanted to warn you all not to agree to anything x


  • Knobs!!!

    You should have just blocked their number from calling your home or something. I am not someone that gives in to callers like that. As I need to deal with them here at work as well for my boss..Now I wish they would call me. I'd like to take my frustrations out to someone..

    *evil laugh*

    thanks for the heads up though!!

  • I Speckle I completely agree I have actually wrote them a letter complaining about them sending me stuff and ringing constantly at stupid times. I was fed up with sending items back and paying the postal fees to do it. Its rediculous.

    They too sent me a calender and charged me ??10 for it, I would not pay that for a calender but forgot to send it back, I was crafty and in my letter o complaint I did say to stop charging me things that I hadnt recieved. They did apologise and take the money off the bill! I know its naughty but the company p*** me off so much.

    Good idea for doing this post to stop anyone else being preyed upon! xx
  • Oh darling thats awful! if it were me i'd let them take me to court and explain EXACTLY what they have been doing! write to your local MP as your details shouldn't just be given out like that! id write a letter to the local news paper i'm sure other new mothers will come forward in discust and to say they have suffered the same!

    & i would write a very strongly worded letter to the Chief Execuitive - i'm thinking your intitled to free legal aid if your on materinty you can always get a solistor to write the letter on your behalf if you dont feel able at this time! its utterly discusting and preying on vunrable people i'd ask for a copy of there ploicy to be sent out. & inform them they are using bullying tacktics and that you are not afriad to highlight they way in which they work!!

    sorry this really angers me!! how dare they do that to you! let us know how you get on wont you? xx
  • Just to let you all know, be very careful when you are given your bounty packs in hospital. They take your name and address and pass it on to ALOT of companies. Unfortunately for them they mispelt my name so I know exactly how much of the crap came from them. This time round they won't be getting my details, tbh the bounty packs are a bit rubbish anyway.

    Speckle, have you thought about getting in touch with citizens advice? They shouldn't be able to get away with this.
  • I'm definately going to get on to citizens advice and see what they say. Its an absolute joke, usually i wouldn't have given in to them but when you have just given birth and not slept in days you will agree to anything for an easy life! Either way i am not going to pay them for anything besides the books that i pay monthly for. I have never agreed for anything else to be sent to me and have never signed for anything. It is just disgusting that they can treat people like this.
    I would get a solicitor but because my partner earns to much i would have to go private so it would cost us an arm and a leg.
    I remember when i was little readers digest did the same thing to my mum.
    I'll definately keep you all informed how i get on, i got my last bill this morning for ??100 for a calender that should have cost ??8.99, because they have added charges and they havent replied to any of my e mails or letters.
  • Hey

    My goodness I was just looking at the bounty packs last night thinking.....MMMMMMM I could do with some of that. But not if I'm getting junk mail. I guess there is nothing stopping from putting on a sticker saying no longer at this address.
  • Do you have to send off for stuff out of the bounty pack to be affected by this luvvy? or once they give it to you in hospital thats it they have your details? x
  • Presumably there is a box to tick when you fill in the Bounty form so that they don't send you junk. Trouble is when you have just given birth and you are doped up on pain killers you forget to ask!
  • I bought the bounty photo pack of my son, but they just asked me how many i wanted then i signed an electronic pad thing. i'd definately check if your signing up for the first time now though. you wouldnt think that baby companys would do this to people.
  • They ask me for my name and address when they gave me the pack in hospital last time, I didn't send off for any of the offers. I think it's a pretty poor way of getting peoples details, I probably wouldn't have realised it was them if they hadn't made the spelling mistake
  • TUT TUT all very underhanded! Anyway we can highlight this i mean to EVERYONE? and perhaps get them in touble for there dishonest tactics? x
  • My poor sister had books sent to her which she didnt want so she sent them back!
    But they have no record of this and still keep sending her the bill for over ??100 and letters to say that it is going further if she dont pay.
    It's wrong i agree on what they do!!:evil:
  • Quick reply: BBC's Watchdog programme!! They will fight the fight for you, and if everyone who had a beef with this stupid company contacted the programme, they would definately act. And it would be interesting to see how many others would come forward too. xx
  • yeah that sound good! i personally haven't had anything of them... yet but still think what the do is wrong! thats a really good idea about contacting watch dog! x
  • If companies send you unsolicited stuff through the regular (un-signed for) post, they have no proof it's been received. I had a CD company getting antsy with me about some CD I'd never ordered and they had to back down as I had never received it, had no clue what the CD was and they couldn't prove it hadn't been lost in the post.

    However, I had to go through some harrowing phone calls and accuse them of harrassing me before they backed off.

    Terrible practice - the sooner it's stamped on the better, esp when they're targetting vunerable people like new mums.
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