valentines day???

what did everyone do for valentines day????

personally i had the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!

for xmas my mum got me and oh a theatre and dinner package, so i worked from 8am til 1pm then my oh picked me up in style, he had parked up round the corner he had a red heart ballon coming out the window and had some pink roses on my seat with a card and he was playing our song full blast on the cd player (breathless, shayne ward) i was in bits crying bless him, then we went to the midwife for a check up (everything was fine bp was a lil raised but i thing that was because i had gone straight from work and had had a nightmare morning)
then we went home got ready and chilled out a bit.
then off we went to oxford circus got to the theatre with 15 mins to spare (good for us) we saw the sound of music we had good seats and could see everything connie was quite good very surprised!!!!
then it was the interval and we went outside so he could have a fag well on the way there a man pushed me so i let him pass and he turned round and said sorry and thank you it was only brian connally (sp) if u remember him his catchphrase was ITS A PUPPET!!! anyway i was like OH MY GOD!!!! i used to watch him on tv every sat night lol anyway then we watched the second half i cried i laughed it was brilliant then after that we went to cafe uno and had a lovey italian (our fav) then back home it was a amazing day i ;loved every second of it.

so come on what did u all do?????


  • Hi ur days sounds lovely v romantic. I got a lovely card and a box of choccies and we were going out for a meal but l ended up at the hos with stomach pains but we got to hear our babys heartbeat for the 1st time so tht made up for it.
    My oh took me out for a nice meal last nyt.
    Glad u hd a gd valentines day.

  • I sat at home by myself knitting! (Millie was in bed) OH was working so we celebrated the night before. I got a huge bunch of lily's and roses a giant box of my favourite thorntons and a bottle of my second favourite champange so I can't complain too much. After 11 1/2 years together I have him very well trained.
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