sensitive teeth

hi im 11+2 wks and for the past week or so have had really sensitive teeth.
does anyone else suffer from this, what is the best thing to use and will it go away?

thanks becs x


  • thanks, im getting the sensitive toothpaste today. hope they settle down a bit.

  • hi i have to meet with midwife today to get booked in, 12 wk scan wed, so will ask her about it.

  • My teeth have also been sensitive since I've been pregnant - I am going to book in with my dentist just to be sure and then I think I'll make the effort to have regular trips to the hygenist for cleaning during the rest of my pregnancy as I don't have to pay for these (I'm on Denplan) - I think becuase you're gums soften and change its easier for food to get in the gumline?

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