i'm actually in shock.

well i went to the doctors today and had my scan, turns out i'm 9 weeks gone and have.... TRIPLETS!!!
arrrrrrrrgh. don't get me wrong i'm really excited, but this pregnancy came sooner than planned and now to be honest i'm terrified. i just don't know what to do, money's always been a tight and now with three more on the way?? and i dont know where i'm going to put them, we live in a 2 bed flat!! and oh god what if they're identical, how will i tell them apart??
sorry to go on ladies just feeling rather scared and need to write it down!
anyone else got lots of babies, how do you cope??




  • oh my god!

    I have no experience of twins or triplets, but just wanted to say congratulations.

    ps; we call my little bump susie bean. How weird is that!
  • OMG...huge congratulations to you hun.....

    Can imagine you must be in shock and you are definatley gonna have a hectic life but still how fabulous.....
    My step sister has indentical twin girls and they play tricks on us to who is who!!! lol.....
    Hope you have a smooth pregnancy.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
    3 days to go.
  • Gatecrashing from ttc and think its great news. I am sure you will cope-some things are meant to be! I love the scan photo!! Good luck!!xx
  • OMG!!! Congratulations hun, I am sure you will manage brilliantly. Am I right in thinking that you will have 4 under 1 year old? Just think how much fun they will all have playing together.
    Kerry xx
  • OMG congratulations. I'm gatecrashing from baby but WOW triplets!!! You're going to have 4 under 1 - brave lady! xxx
  • OMG congratulations. That is definately a shock! Love the scan picture. Im sure you will manage somehow although i dont doubt you will have your hands full.

    My aunt has 1 year old identical twin girls although we can tell the difference. There are subtle difference and as you see them everyday you will soon tell them apart. Midwife recommended painting one fingernail on each girl a different colour until she could tell the difference.
  • thanks girls image i thinks it's still sinking in, i'm sure once i get my head round it i'll be fine?? hopefully lol
    yep bedhead 4 under 1... oh my god i'm mad. and i got that phil and teds ready for no2, i can't put 4 in it!!!
    maybe i should start doing the lottery and hire a few nannies.
    hope all the mums and bumps and babies are well xxx


  • MKT86 - painting fingernails is such a fab idea! thanks hun, i'm gonna be stocking up on nail polish for the next nine months lol xxx


  • Hi... wow!!
    Congratulations and good luck! The photo is fantastic!! Lottery sounds like a good idea!!!
    Take care
    Lydia xx
  • how scarily wonderfully excellent news hun. you are very brave. posted on dec forum saying was having triplets as a joke but never knew anyone who had more than twins before. Good luck hun and and trying to send you lots of pma for the lottery numbers.
    Filo x
  • Congrats, Congrats and Congrats!!!!!!!!!

    WOW is the only other word that springs to mind!!!! And I dunno bout nail polish - stock up on the nappies too hun!! As much of a shock etc, it must be so amazing to know there are 3!! Wish you all the very best hun image xxx
  • wow! Congratulations! How amazing but scary at the same time lol. It must be a huge shock for you, but wow! Hope you have a healthy pregnancy.
  • Oh my god! Triplets!!!!

    I guess you'll be moving house then!!! I'm really excited for you and can't wait to read how it all progresses! Wow!!

    Are you planning to find out the sex of them?

    Sorry so many questions but very excited for you!


  • Bloody hell!!! What are the odds?? Big congrats to you hun!! I'm not sure how you''ll cope but I'm sure you will find a way. Can your oh not take some time off for a bit?? I've got a phil and teds and it's fab but ur rite,but it won't do 4!! You could get a Jane powertwin as you can pop a buggy board on the back of that so thats 3, and then use a carrier for number 4? Other than that I'm not sure how you'd do it??
    Good luck hun, you will be fine image x x x
  • Triplets, thats great, I would love to have twins or triplets, I know it would be hard work but I think it would be so pleasurebale to look at your 2/3 babies and think I made them look how perfect they are. My friend had twins and really struggled (she didn't want 1 never mind 2) but I think if your a natural mummy then you'll be fine.

  • Wow!! congrats! i love your scan pic! x
  • Hi hun, just wanted to say best of luck. I expect it might be hard to find others who are expecting triplets so i thought i'd share this website.... there is a girl on there called Katrina who is 6 months pg with triplets, you'll soon find her bump pic as you scroll down.


    Hope you have a h&h pg, take care

  • Congratulations x3!!! You must be in a whirlwind, not knowing which way is up! My aunt had triplets, they turned 21 years old in March and they are the most gorgeous, lovely trio of lads you could meet- a real credit to their mum. I'm not denying that it was hard for them financially but you will find ways to cope and enjoy them.

    Congratulations again! All thebest, Denise xx
  • Wow thats amazing. No doubt its gona be tough for u but thats fantastic news three little beans. Big Congratulations how far along did u think u were? Kerry xxx

  • wow.

    you are truly blessed.

    your'e scan photo is beautiful. lots and lots of changes for you ahead.... all the best and definitely keep us all informed on here

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