Fetal Heart Monitors

im thinking about getting one and just want your opinion on them. are they just a waste off money? what one to recommend buying?
im currently 10+3



  • I got one from ebay, I can't wait to use it, I think it will help the other 2 understand and get to know the LO.
  • thanks for your replies think i will get myself one
  • Midwives don't even attempt to listen to baby's heartbeat until 16wks so I wouldn't try before then. A few people have had problems with the sumner one and didn't get a heartbeat until 28 weeks. To be honest I don't think they are a good idea and often lead to women being paranoid and rushing off the EPU for no reason.x
  • I bought the Summer one from Argos and it was a pile of crap imageops: All I could hear on it were my babys kicks and that wasnt until 30 weeks and onwards. No heartbeat whatsoever!! I bought it at 22 week (which is when it says you can use it from) and I was so dissapointed. Waste of 30 quid!!
  • I've had the baby's heartbeat listened to at every midwife and doctors appointment I've had since 16wks, ask at your next appointment hun.x
  • I've had the baby's heartbeat listened to at every midwife and doctors appointment I've had since 16wks, ask at your next appointment hun.x
  • Mine was really lazy until around 25/26 wks the it started going mad, so I wouldn't worry too much! Definitely ask though.x
  • I can thoroughly recommend getting one. My and OH were only just saying the other day that ours was the best money we've ever spent. All those little niggly pains, worries of over doing it etc have just been taken away by being able to check the babies heartbeat. I got mine at about the same time you are now and although it used to take quite a while to find the heartbeat at that stage we could find it. not all dopplers can be used from 10 weeks tho, u usually have to pay more! Good luck, Laura xxx
  • hi LolaP

    what is the one called that you have got?
  • I have one I bought off ebay for ??10, it's called baby beets and I first found a heartbeat at 13 weeks. HOWEVER it is a bit crap sound quality...and doesn't count the beats so u have to do it urself. Plus u can't really hear it v. well until 16 weeks so I wouldn't bother until then.

    Although I have just borrowed my oh's aunts (her son is 5 wks old and she lent it me) and its fantastic, really good quality sound and everything, it's called the MAS Baby Watcher and she said it was ??30. I asked her when she first got heartbeat on it and she said 7 wks!!! And I believe her, it really is good.

    Another 1 women have recommended on here is one called 'angelsounds'...that's about ??30 too.

    I have a lazy baby and they really are reassuring, they can make u worry sometimes but u just have to remember they're not 100% and even midwives sometimes can't find the baby on them and send u for a scan just in case...I would say go for it and buy one because theyre not expensive and are worth the reassurance

    22+6 x x x
  • I have bought an angel sounds one and I'm nearly 15 weeks and all i've heard so far is my placenta and my own heart beat. I wouldn't reccommend one as it made me intensly paranoid. xx
  • I wouldn''t buy one personally it would just make me obssessed about the heartbeat expecially if i couldn't find it and apparently its not easy early on. Later baby moves anyway which is very reasuring.
  • Hi,
    I agree with LolaP, its the best thing i've bought. I got an Angel sounss from ebay for ??30. It has calmed me right down and is very reassuring. I've been able to find the heartbeat from about 14 weeks and its great if you haven't felt much movement that day, just have a listen any little niggles are put to rest. Its also just really nice cos your partner can bond a bit as he can't feel the kicks yet. I would definately recommend buying one
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