Tips on turning a breech baby?

Hi ladies...wondering if anyone has any top tip tips on turning your baby before 36 weeks?

Im feeling sooooo uncomfortable my bubs has been breech since 29 weeks...bubs is comfortable by the looks of things ....but this doesn't help me...i'm reaaly wanting a natural birth....trying to avoid a manual turn or a C - section.

I have an appointment with my consultant in 2 weeks at clinic, where i will have a scan to see the possition of my you think this will be enough time to try alternitives myself to get my baby to turn? I will be 36 weeks by then. But also i have had signs of bubs coming early as i had a 4 day stay in hospital with period like cramps & had to be monitored...the doctor did say i may not make it full term. So this is why im desperate to try anything, as i may not have much time?

All advice welcome xx

little missie x
34 wks today


  • All I can say is start trying everything now and don't wait about. I have been going swimming everyday for the last week hoping it would turn my baby round, but found out at mw appt yesterday, baby is still in breech, and now think I have left it too late for baby to turn.

    The things I have heard is swimming and kneeling on all 4s for 10mins a day. Hilary in the Feb forum has been trying some herbal acupuncture thing to get her baby to turn.

    Try as well.

    Really hope your baby turns, otherwise you will find you will be booked for a planned c/section at your 36 wk appt like me.

    Good luck!

  • ooh thanks for posting this little missie, would be interested to see what people helps!

    Had a look on google last night and it said to do a handstand in a swimming pool?!!!! I think I might give that one a miss as I don't think anyone wants to see that in a public swimming pool somehow! Tried doing a handstand on the bed but hubby was pissing himself laughing at me so I gave up!

  • that was so funny to see...sorry shouldn't laugh.

    No the public swimming is a no

    I have been going on all fours & tilting my bottom in the air today...i do find it a little difficult....but gotta do something!!!

    Good luck rach x

    little missie
    34 wks today
  • LMAO!!! Ok I have a very funny image in my head now! xxxxx
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