Heartbeat Question - Doppler

Hello there, I am 17.5 weeks pregnant with my first child and have borrowed my friends doppler and used it three times over two days, as well seeing the midwife once and it seems that my baby is always in the same place, the heartbeat is always found in the same location, is this normal?

My friend who is a week ahead of me with her second child says hers is moving around and all over the place. How come my baby doesn't seem to be moving around?


  • I am 26+2 today and although I don't have a doppler, the mw ALWAYS finds the heartbeat in the same place - in the middle and halfway down between belly button and pubic bone! Don't forget everyones baby is different and some are more active than others! That is why they advice you never to compare yourself to anyone else! I also think this is why they advise you not to use a doppler - as you will panic if something doesn't seem right!!

    You sound absolutely fine xx
  • It is normal as my baby is the same! I always find the heartbeat low down on the left hand side. I know its moving around as I can feel it but it must like that place as it always goes back there!


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