How many scans is safe?

Hi All

We have so far had 5 scans and will need many more due to some health worries wiht the baby.... My questions is how many is too many? I know they know what theya re doing but is ther a limit to how many you shoudl have?

We had wanted to get a 3d / 4d one doen before all this happpened but don't know if we should not do this now if we are already having so many scans?



  • i am thinking the same as you, we have had 3 scans so not sure on having a 4d scan now. but i think they have to be safe, or they would not be allowed to perform them. x
  • Ultrasound scans so far have not been found to be detrimental to either ppl or fetuses/babies so as yet, they are considered to be one of the safest medical investigations you can have. I have had several and on two occasions had 3 scans in one day. They dont use harmful xrays, just literally sound bouncing back off tissues/organs etc. You should be fine having a 3d/4d scan if you want one!

  • thanks for that hun, you have made me feel better. my mum and aunty are so against them, and my aunty has just had 2 babies. she says the least scans you have the better. so thats were my doubt comes from about having a 4d scan. xx
  • I live over in Norway and they are still cautious about ultrasounds over here and do not encourage you to have too many. We get a 20 week and a 37 week one over here. I haven't seen any research to say that any harm has occured to a baby as a result of a scan, but then I guess in some respects it is still fairly new technology.

    If you need them to check on the health of the baby then I am sure that is far more important then any slight risks the ultrasounds may have xx
  • Hiya hun. My daughter was born witha heart condition so when I was pregnant with my son I had to have lots of scans, I think I had about 10 plus a 3d one altogether and Theo was born happy and healthy! I'm now 15 weeks pregnant and will have to have just as many scans.
  • Thanks girls! Its so good to be able to get other peopls opinions on things like this to put your mind at rest!!
  • I had a lot of scans with my little girl and she was fine.
    So far with this little baby I've had 3, and I know I am having another one at 20 weeks as I'm going to find out the sex.

    Anne-Marie xxx
  • i had to have scans every 4 weeks with both my girls and they are fine xxx
  • Well so far i have had 6 scans, due to a few problems in early pg, and then abnormalities found at my 20 wk scan meant i had to see a specialist at 21 wks. Then was advised to have a growth scan at 28 wks. I have also got to go back at 34 wks for another growth scan! So that'll be 7 scans altogether. as far as i'm aware there are no proven risks with having ultrasounds, no one has mentioned any risks to me- which after soo many you'd think they would.
    Hope everything is ok with your pregnancy, and you have a happy healthy baby.
  • My mom had to have weekly scans with her twins, they're fine.
  • i think they r fine im haveing thm every 2 weeks at the mo cos ive got preeclampsia and the growth of baby is being a bit affedted so they wont leave me alone lol and im only 22 weeks if they wernt safe they wudnt do thm i dont think xx
  • I'm having fortnightly scans with my twins. I'm sure the risk of the scans doesn't outweigh outweigh the risk of being closely monitored or they wouldn't do them
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