really bad constipation sorry if tmi!

hiya everyone! constipation is getting me down have been constipated for ages now but recently have been getting really bad! especially on sunday (last time i went)! it hurt so bad, i now think i have piles, ive increased fibre e.g eating fruit and fibre , rivitas (sp) and will look like a pregnant prune lol! just dnt know what to do it scares me!!!! anyone having this lol??? thanks girls xx


  • Oh yes, I can't remember the last time I had a poo (other than rabbit droppings.

    The only way I have been able to go is if I soak in a warm bath for ages or if I eat lots of cabbage image other than that I can't help hun. Ohhhhhh there is doing the poo dance which involves rocking backwards and forwards on the toilet, touching your toes and general fidgeting to "loosen" things.

  • lol thanks caza, i hate it lol! ive tried the poo dance, touched the floor (well attempted to! pretended to turn on/off light switch lol rocked back and forth, ) just want normal poo!!!! xx

  • Hi Bumpee I had this prob a few weeks ago and it hurt sooo much that I have been drinking two glasses of fruit juice a day and so far so good! Also try linseeds as I find they work wonders! Tammi xxx
    30.5 weeks
  • Hi bumpee

    I also had this, and finally gave in after 6 weeks and went the doctors. Last weeks she gave me something called Lactulose, and fantastically it has worked!!! Took about four days to kick in, but it's fab, and I can finally go without pain. It's also helped my heartburn as well, as not evrything is is so 'bunged' up!

    I'd go to the docs if I were you and get some, couldn't recommend it enough!

  • thx fo replys girls,sorry to go on but its worrying me!! how long do u think is too long to not "go" for lol, im worrying about goinf then not going, an dthen worrying if im gunna do myslef some damage, sorry to go on about my poos lol xx
  • haha you should read my post from a feww weeks ago called it sticks!! i have the same problem and when i do finally go its like someones lobbed a ginsters pasty down the loo and it just wont bloody go away. drink plenty of water. xx
  • I have the same problem. I would go to your doctor and they can prescribe you with fybogel which is safe during pregnancy as it is just pure fibre. Also bran flakes, brown bread and lots of dried fruit and prunes and apricots.

    This has helped me massively
  • im the opposite! i cant stop going! is anyone else like this? i have 11 days left but this has been happening for a few weeks now im not sure if it means labour is gonna start soon but 2-3 times a day is startin to annoy me! sorry if tmi!lol!
  • ha ha ha this topic is really making me smile.

    I had a rather embarasing moment the other day while at home, my sister was over at mine and mid poo dance she walk into the bathroom (our door doesn't lock) and saw me shaking my bum all around the place. there was this moment wher we both froze then looked at each other, she walk out closed the door then we both burst out laughing.

    ahh the joy of the poo dance.

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