Hot Baths??

Does anyone know why this is dangerous?

Thanks, xx


  • I had been wondering this as well.
    Maybe it is because of the dangers/higher possibility of fainting?
  • It raises you body temperature and can raise your blood pressure - both or which can be harmful to baby. Same goes for why you aren't allowed to use spas, steam rooms or saunas.

  • hi all i, had a hot bath on the night i went in2 labour wiv my 2nd son who woz 9 week prem!!the contractions started as soon as i got out of the bath, not sure if this had anything to do wiv it but im always careful now.
    luv clare

  • actually i was wondering this last night - i did have a hot bath because my back as killing me and when i got in dont think bean like it started moving filled it with cold i panicked!
  • I think it's cos it can raise your BP and there is a risk of fainting but mainly it's cos LO can't regulate their own temperature, so could easilly get too hot (Just like if a newborn got too hot, it could be dangerous for them).

    As long as the bath is comfortable for you though (and doesn't make your skin go bright pink!, it should be fine. xx
  • I read in one of my books that as long as you can ease yourself straight in (as opposed to my old bathtimes when I used to inch myself in until my skin was burnt and I could move a bit further!) then the temp is fine.

    K x
  • I love hot baths!!!
    I've had mine a couple of degrees cooler but still hot enough. Im not burning and Im not sure what I'd do without them.
  • It is definitely to do with the baby not being able to control their own temperature - it is dangerous for them to get too hot - same goes with saunas and jacuzzis.

    Tara 33+6
  • i have really hot baths im naghty but unless it hurts when i get in its not hot enough, normally just hot water i rarely put any cold in my baths.
    i cant have them cool its not the same!
    didnt realise it was harmful to baby tho. but this is my 2nd and i had hot baths all thro 1st pregnancy..
    maybe i'll add a splash of cold! x
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