Gestational diabetes and glucose tolerance test

I'm getting a bit worried- 24 weeks pg and everything's going really well except I need to pee about 30 times a day, including at night and am so thirsty all the time. It's not a UTI- had those in the past! I've got polycystic ovaries so my risk of diabetes is higher... I've been referred for a glucose tolerance test next month. I haven't put too much weight on, was a healthy weight to start with but I think I'm eating too much sugar- really crave it so trying hard to cut down to one treat a day after a meal and no sugary drinks.
Has anyone had this? I'm seeing MW today for a routine appt so will talk about it then. It all sounds a bit scary :roll:


  • Hi kittenmittens,

    I literally could have written your post.... I've been getting myself in a little pickle worrying over the same thing. I have been referred for a test from since my booking in appointment because my Mum has Type 2 Diabetes but I have to say I didn't really think much of it because I was quite a healthy weight before I fell pregannt. But having read a couple of posts on here last week I panicked myself and stupidly Googled and made myself worse!

    I also go to the loo LOADS, and seem to be tired all the time so worried myself that I have symotons too! I have my test next month too and like you have been craving sugar all through my pregnancy. I also only drink water now but allow myself 1 chocolate bar a day but nothing else sugary other than natural sugars in the fruit I eat.

    I have a MW appointment yesterday and she checked my urine and apparently I'm not "kicking out" any sugar so that was good and made me feel a little better. Your MW should check your urine as standard but just ask her to be sure she does and that may put your mind at rest for a bit. I've decided to stick to the 1 piece of sugar a day limit and just wait and see what happens in 4 weeks time. If I need to give it up then obviously I will but no point starving ourself of a craving until then is there?!?! 1 treat a day is OK surely?!?!?! :roll: xxxx
  • Thanks for posting Beckywoo, hope your test goes well too. I'm a natural worrier and it doesn't take much to get me into a state! Had no sugar yet today and trying to keep it up and resist the urge to do lots of baking :\)
  • Hi ladies. I had my GTT on Monday and it was ok. I had to have it due to mum having type 2 diabetes. I was very worried about it but my MW was very reassuring and said there was nothing in my urine to indicate anything being wrong and usually the MW can spot it early on and the test just confirms it.

    I also worried about my sugar intake. I am partial to a coke a day and also chocolate (after 1st trimester anyway!) and was worried sick I would give myself diabetes. But honestly my MW said that things like a chocolate bar won't give you the diabetes, you can be healthy and still get it in pregnancy for no reason. Some people get it and some don't. I still haven't recieved a phone call so it means I have the all clear which is good.
    Good luck with ur tests xxx
  • Rosemary20 - you are an angel....

    "But honestly my MW said that things like a chocolate bar won't give you the diabetes"

    That is the best sentence I've read in a long time image

    Well done kittensmittens - I also have resisted the chocolate bar this lunchtime and feel a bit better for it. I guess after what Rosemary just told us you'd have to be eating a lot of chocolate to make a difference. So our 1 bar a day limit seems OK to me. Let me know how your MW appointment goes xxxx
  • Exactly. It takes a lot to make you diabetic but if you're going to get pregnancy diabetes it can occur even when you're on a macrobiotic diet!! Its that random sometimes.

    Please dont deny yourself treats because you're worried, just always go for something in moderation and know that if you do get it, its not because of the chocolate bars its because of weird medical reasons which I can't explain as it would take too long lol xx

    you've really made me want a chocolate bar now!
  • Go on Rosemary have 1, you deserve it! xxx
  • A nice big bar of cadburys milk chocolate mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Well the MW tested my wee and it's completely normal, she was v reassuring and said it's unlikely that the test will come back positive. She weighed me and I've only put on 3kg the whole poregnancy hurrah! So the odd little treat can't be doing much harm :\)
  • Great news kittenmittens. Did she say because there's nothing in your wee you should be in the clear? xxx
  • Ah good news image

    Dont worry ladies, I got my all clear and ate a big tub of ice cream.

    Beckywoo the sugar in ur urine is an indicator that you might have it. You can have fine urine and still have it but its a good sign you need to have the GTT test if they do find anything.
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