What's your craving?

I haven't started any yet but with my son it was doughnuts dipped in ice cold guiness and salt and vinegar crisps with tuna mayo.
Can't wait to see what this one will bring :lol:


  • My mum has been getting mine for a while.
    Cheese.. which is funny coz since i have been preggers I can't eat it.

    I am having loads of porridge and we love chips and curry sauce, but has to be loads of salt!
  • My mum craved eccles cakes and mars bars last time. This time my sister has gone mad for peanut butter which I usually love but can't stand the smell of now.
    How weird is that????
    Why do people close to us do mad things like get morning sickness or have cravings. Sometimes before they even know about the pregnancy???
  • One of my best friends is craving marmite and she normally wont touch the stuff! When I was pregnant with my daughter I craved Ice, malteasers dipped in mayonaise and chocolate digestives with marmite on. With this one I'm craving peanut brittle, flaming hot monster munch (I used to hate them sooo much but I cant get enough of them now!) and fizzy peach water..so weird!
  • Well today it's peanuts (hence earlier post), white choc. baked potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy and all sorts of baked goods (cakes, muffins etc) I crave it really badly, then have it twice and I've gone right off it. Except the cakes that seems to be lasting longer!! S x
  • Coke, which I normally only drink once every six months, and chocolate. Normally I much prefer savory stuff but it would appear this baby has a sweet tooth!
  • Well I have the weirdest craving ever. And I'm even scared to say on here. Soil!!! Soil as in sand. What is wrong with me. As a kid I used to always be caught eating it with a spoon. And chalk for black boards. And not any chalk. The white one. Whats wrong with me. Is it the calcium defeciency? Am I gettign too little? I can't have much milk at the moment cause dairy products are making my tummy hurt and causing diarrhea (tmi). other than that. Peanut butter sarnies and ice lollies.



  • Hey here's a weird one fro the soil muncher :lol:
    When my nan was carrying my dad she craved boot polish image
  • With eldest I craved chippy chips with heaps of salt & vinegar, with Tom I had to have boiled eggs daily and later on salt & vinegar crisps.
  • havent had any weird ones yet but the main ones are hot and sour soup and salt and pepper ribs from a chinese which is miles away and its torture not being able to go everynight! anything spicy or sweet i crave, lolly ices and salt and vinegar walkers or cheapo puffs haha xx
  • Isn't that what little girls are made of??
    Sugar and spice and all things nice.x
  • thats what i thaught but my bump is a blue one image xx
  • butterscotch angel delight & coffee cake............yum.Never ate sweet stuff at all b4 I was pregnant.
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