abdominal pains??

Hi , hope everyone's okay today!

I'm 25 weeks today and have had a feeling of tenderness, tightness (sort of like trapped wind but it's not) across my lower abdomen pretty much since I got pg, I don't have it when I wake up then I get it throughout the day and it's fairly constant, seems worse by the end of the day and when I get up after sitting down awhile. Wondering if it's a new symptom of IBS (which I do get mildly). I have been suffering with constipation and piles.

This is my first pgy so don't know if it's normal? Have had a few other issues too :roll: and each time I've seen my MW I forget to talk to her about it! I did wonder if it's braxton hicks but my understading is that they only last a short time.

Anyone else getting this?
Ames x
25 wks


  • Hi Ames,

    I have IBS too but only have any pain from it just before I need to go to the toilet or if I eat too much in one go. I haven't really suffered constipation but when I have I've noticed a bit of discomfort. Does it go away if you do go to the loo?

    I have eaten a slice of wholemeal toast and a yoghurt every morning as I read both these are good for avoiding constipation. I also try and drink the 2 litres of fluids a day too, which all seems to have helped.

    If you're worried though give your mw a call or make a GP appointment. It'll give you peace of mind if you're still worried.

    Oh, I did get suspected food poisoning around 20 weeks where I had a mega pain and was sick for the first time in ages but that only lasted a day and the midwife was very helpful when I called.

    Hope you feel grand soon
  • Thanks Clare, no it doesn't go away when I've been to the loo, I've been trying to eat all the right things to ward off the constipation and then went drs and got some fybogel which helps a bit! Thanks for your reply. x

    Anyone else?
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