Anything for a cough.....Please!!

I have got the most horrendous cough at the moment. Think the little one must think theres a party going on with all the jiggling about he must be doing because of it.

Has anyone got any suggestions for anything I can take? Trying to sleep at might is an absolute nightmare at the best of times without this blasted cough.


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  • Only thing I know of, is a honey and lemon linctus, but thats mainly for sore throats. Ask at local chemist, they'll be able to advise.

    good luck - being ill n pg is horrid!!

  • aww you poor thing! sorry i havent got a clue of any good suggestions sorry! xx

  • honey mixed with sugar mite help xx
  • Sorry to hear you're suffering! I swear by some honey with a little vinegar added to it. It sounds horrible but it really works whenever I have a cough (and actually tastes quite nice!). xxxx

  • You can buy glycerine from Boots or a chemist, mix that with some hot water and honey and it helps soothe the throat. Hope it helps! x
  • I've had colds all the way through this pg. don't normally so not been able to have any cough mixtures or lemsips but made my own with glycerin/sweetener and real lemons boiled it up and it eased it a little. Also had nasty throat so have been having olbas oil tablets not that great tasting but they do work - also put lots of oil on tissue at night time as usually worse then. hope you're feeling better soon hun.

    chelle x
    e.d.d 4th July
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