Help --- Symptoms!!

Heya all!!

What symptoms is everyone havin?

Im a little worried -- I still only have the symptoms that I had from the very beginning! Which is slight cramps in belly and sore boobs! I have been a little more stressy than usual. But im readin thru all your comments and everyoneis havin alot more symptoms than me!! Can any of you advise me?



  • Hiya chick, Ive had loads of symptoms!

    Being sick at least once a day, altho feeling it all the time!
    So sore nipples!
    Peeing loads!
    Crying all the time! (Even over weither to have mash or chips with tea!!)
    And slight cramps
    And i feel hungry all the time!

    Lol but i wouldnt wish any of them away!!

    You just got to remember every pregnancy is differant, no 2 are the same. I know people that have been worse than me and others that havent had any symptoms at all through there pregnancy! I just call them the lucky ones!!

    Mikayla xx

  • Hiya,
    i'm in the same boat as you zoe got a bit upset last night cos still no morning sickness (although my mum never got it either, so mayb thats why?!). I've got the same symptoms I've had all along really. I have the odd day where I think I'm getting a new one and that it disapears. for example last night watching telly and I start crying over a mastercard advert!!!! :-S. I'm starting to feel quite paranoid about it all now and today have been in a right old mood which I think is hormones as am not normaly this bad. I hope we get more symptoms soon!!!! x
  • Hi AppleJack,

    How far gone are you? Im really emotional & getting stressed quite easily which is not usually me but I have no dead certain symptoms! I would love to have morning sickness just so I know everything is ok! I cant wait for my scan -- However im only 6 weeks and 1 day gone so far!! So hopin to have one early Jan!

  • I have some pretty appauling symptoms.

    *Motion Sickness for the whole day
    *Enormous BBS
    * Big Ol Belly
    *Peeing constantly
    * Cry if I get to over excited eg: me and hubby were having a pillow fight the other night and I got way too into it and burst into tears lol
    *Eat everything
    *Keep a jar of pickled onions by the bed as late night snack

    I'm 12+1


  • Hi I'm 7 weeks tomorrow am quite excited by that! I'm hoping I'll get my 1st scan b4 i go on holiday 22 jan. I dont know if this is just me (prop is) but I feel fatter est today. I really cant understand why feel bloated just like b4 a period. Not drinking normally whn i stop drinking I loose wight not this time. eating healthy and snacking on fruit when hungrey and not eating anywhere near as much choc as normal as well dont fancy it - which is a bit worring. I really had hoped I'd crave it!!!!! X ps sorry to rant on at you
  • Oh god we are so simular! I feel bloated all the time and tummy goes massive! Im the same as well -- I thought not drinking wud help me lose weight! haha -- Hasnt happened! Have been eating really well! making sure I get all my fruit and veg in! I go on hol on 9th Jan for 2 weeks to the Dominican Republic so want a scan before then! Im off choc to but I think thats due to waves of sickness I get occasionally! Are you taking Folic Acid?

    Dont worry Honey your not ranting! We're in the same boat so understanding your frustration!

  • Oh Caza and Mikayla ---

    Im so jealous!! I have nothing apart from slight cramps, sore boobs! And today i feel crappy!! All coldlike!! I hope to catch up soon!!

  • I'm taking pregnancycare which has folic acid in it. i'm going to the caribbean too. Although were going to NY first and then on a little cruise. maybe if you tell them your going away they will make you a priority! thats what am gonna do and hoping they'll make me one. So then I can relax on holiday and spend the whole time trying to find more symtoms to prove to myself am still pregnant!!! he he X
  • pregnacare not pregnancycare
  • Oh Caza and Mikayla ---

    Im so jealous!! I have nothing apart from slight cramps, sore boobs! And today i feel crappy!! All coldlike!! I hope to catch up soon!!


    No way! I don't think you understand how much I smell like onions all the time lol

    Luckily motion sickness is dying down and making way for all day eating which I have been practicing for the last week image

  • Hey Zo Zo.
    See my earlier thread, I have NO symptoms at all. Not even sore boobs like you.
    I am 8+3 weeks.
    Admittedly I did cry at X Factor on the wkend?!!!
    I have had a scan and saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks but still no symptoms.
    Not complaining though as long as everything is OK! xx
  • Hey Mrs E,

    I have been very emotional today, I have screamed, cried, sulked,smiled and laughed!! What a rollercoaster!!

    I bet u loved your scan! I cant wait to have mine! Althou I am goin to! Im jus goin to wait for the midwife to book it and take it wenever it is!! Like i keep tellin myself -- what will be, will be!!! However --------- NO PATIENCE!!

  • Mras E...i think your doing the right thing there. Im not complaining either if I'm not having the same symptoms as everybody else. went for my scan a few weeks back and everything was ok.
    Symptoms.....sore boobs, peeing more regularly incl waking up in the early hrs to go (unusal for me!) want to reech if hold something in between my lips even if holding car key! Nausea between 8-12 wks, mostly gone now. Also wanting sex! Had some stomach pain when waking up but believe its my muscles adjusting!

    Oh yeah...hubby telling me Im fat!! take care image xxx
    havent vomitted or been emotional...not that Im complaining!
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